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  3. Will Dixie cause as much hype as Ridley/K. Rool?

User Info: Cybersai

1 month ago#1
Another long requested character dating back decades?

User Info: Da_Boomb

1 month ago#2
Obviously not.

She would be a semiclone at most and is not really that requested.
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User Info: KamiKam

1 month ago#3
No. She's not one of the most requested characters out there.
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User Info: Norkuy

1 month ago#4
EA Sports. It's In The Gun.

User Info: ObeseCity

1 month ago#5
Hahahaha No
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User Info: Whyked

1 month ago#6
Cybersai topic.
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User Info: hobobelmont

1 month ago#7

She was more so the "expected" third for the DK series, given she has the next most exposure after Donkey and Diddy. Cool choice, but not a villain (who are surprisingly underrepresented, therefore hype), and she'd now be the 4th DK rep.
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User Info: Supersonic_Pain

1 month ago#8
MAYBE Inkling hype, but Dixie's probably lower.
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User Info: JMBoote

1 month ago#9
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User Info: archergundam

4 weeks ago#10
No. Not at all.

She's one of the last few true "Nintendo All-Stars" that you can argue is still "missing" from the roster, but as much as I want her and feel she would be good to have, I cannot in good conscience say that she's as necessary as K. Rool and Ridley were.

As far as hype goes, Waluigi would make the biggest wave from first-party Nintendo, but even then I don't think he'd come close to generating as much excitement as Ridley and K. Rool did.
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  3. Will Dixie cause as much hype as Ridley/K. Rool?
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