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  3. Who's more unique, Wolf or Luigi?

User Info: konokonohamaru

4 weeks ago#1
Who's the more unique clone? - Results (23 votes)
60.87% (14 votes)
39.13% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
what y'all think?

I think Luigi is more unique.
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User Info: mew2ds

4 weeks ago#2
Approximately Equal.
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User Info: Nergigante

4 weeks ago#3
Both have derived specials (Luigi's 3 vs Wolf's 4).
Wolf's deviations are far more unique than Luigi's (prime examples being their neutral Bs and side Bs).

Luigi shares more normals with Mario/Doc than Wolf does with Fox.

And you can't say "lol Wolf's normals are also derived" because lol that's how animations work. Like, come on. Basically everyone's a Captain Falcon derivative by that logic since that's what Dragon King used as basis before being reworked into Smash and the animations were altered to make other animations. It's called cutting dev time.

So yeah. Since Wolf does things far more uniquely compared to who he's based off than Luigi, Wolf is in fact the more unique character.

Again, both derivative characters, but Wolf is more unique.
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  3. Who's more unique, Wolf or Luigi?
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