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  3. What would a date with the above poster be like?
Personally, I heard the above poster was rude. He tried to pull out his date's chair and I mean pull it out from under her. He also shut the door behind him and dabbed during the entire date.
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User Info: gameandwatch72

6 days ago#2
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User Info: LittleShani

6 days ago#3
I heard the above poster likes to take their dates to expensive steakhouses and order their steaks raw with some ketchup and no drinks, and then they leave the restaurant without paying.
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User Info: TomBradyGOAT

6 days ago#4
Sounds like a rapper, so I assume hes rich and will pay for an expensive dinner
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

6 days ago#5
No idea. Hopefully not like the date they described.
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User Info: aggronguy

6 days ago#6
probably to a nice, yet modest place! with an odd yet charming discussion over dinner!
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User Info: DK9292

6 days ago#7
I imagine it would involve a lot of discussion on Pokemon. Which I am absolutely down with.
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User Info: VeridisQuo

6 days ago#8
I dunno a lot about him, so we'd probably get to know each other better over dinner. Then he never calls back after he finds out how I never shut up about music.
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User Info: DynamicD

6 days ago#9
like dating my own left hand, actually right hand cause at least my left got laid... >_<

i don't know you, okay!

I'm sorry, VeridisQuo. I cheated on you with Dinah.
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User Info: Dinah713

6 days ago#10
The opposite of quality.
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  3. What would a date with the above poster be like?