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User Info: Jathic

1 month ago#1
you wake up in bed, and notice him/her/it sleeping next to you. He/she/it then kisses you on the lip.

How do you feel? What would do you?
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User Info: Zero_Suit_Vi

1 month ago#2
Back off Inkling! I'm not Lesbian, and I have a boyfriend!

I would cuddle them because they are adorable, but it would more be motherly than romantic
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User Info: Thiccley

1 month ago#3
Proceed to eat Ridley's booty like groceries.

User Info: Piolin

1 month ago#4
I use my brother mii as my main (mii brawler). That would be kinda west Virginia thing. Would feel really bad

User Info: CyberKitten05

1 month ago#5
Time to main Palutena.

User Info: SomeBlindGuy

1 month ago#6
I would proceed to give Bayonetta a kiss in return, and then I would snuggle her passionately while giving her kisses and pleasuring her in any way my lady requests.
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User Info: sky_queen3

1 month ago#7
Erm, how old is Chrom again? (I'm 29 so, it'll depend...)
I'm here too I guess...
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

1 month ago#8
Official Honey Dakimakura of Smashfaqs
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User Info: gamoogah

1 month ago#9
Bowser, goddamnit!! Wear the crown before you do that!
Huh? we already did this thread? C'mon, lemme do it anyway.

User Info: LurkingTeostra

1 month ago#10
Ughhh. My mains are Bowser and Incineroar.

On one hand I have an incredible love for Bowser as my favorite character ever, but it would be f***ing awkward if he did that and I'd probably pass out seeing him in my bed anyway.

As for Incineroar, same, really awkward. I guess I'd just ignore it and try to become best buddies with him. Cause god damn, Incineroar and Machamp are the Pokemon I'd love irl to be friends with.
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