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  3. If you have Smash Ultimate, do you also own Tekken 7 and its fighter DLC?

User Info: Greencrash

4 weeks ago#11
Tekken is fun. I got the first Dlc pack but I found Noctis to be annoying to fight against since his moves are so different from the rest of the cast. The second season is great with a good variety of playstyles

User Info: VeridisQuo

4 weeks ago#12
Yep. I recently started to main Juila.
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User Info: Nes_Mettaur

4 weeks ago#13
I don't, because I don't have PS+ and ain't gonna spring for it any time soon.

Which is a shame because Tekken looks really fun and like something I could get more into than most other fighting games. I foresee myself maining Alisa because
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User Info: FawleeRunlan

4 weeks ago#14
QuickGaming posted...
I've rented it and couldn't stand it. It's pathetic how little content their is. Smash can get away with it cause it has tons of collectibles and characters, Tekken 7 didn't even bring back Team Battle

"More content" doesn't equal an immediately good game.
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

4 weeks ago#15
Of course. I love Tekken.

Geese and Akuma were fantastic additions. Don’t care much for Noctis and Negan’s gameplay.
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User Info: Jinzo126

4 weeks ago#16
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User Info: Majarubi

4 weeks ago#17
Recently got SCVI a few months ago, still have plenty to do on it. I haven't picked Tekken 7 up yet, waiting to see if there's an update. Not a fan of Noctis or Negan, but the others are cool. As long as Kuma, Lars, and a few others are there still, I'll be good. Bamco has been doing extremely well with their games lately.
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  3. If you have Smash Ultimate, do you also own Tekken 7 and its fighter DLC?
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