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User Info: RedSnowmanVIII

1 week ago#1
Why do you use Gamefaqs instead of Reddit - Results (423 votes)
I think the design is better
32.15% (136 votes)
Reddit is overmodded
17.97% (76 votes)
I am used to it
45.63% (193 votes)
My work blocks Reddit
4.26% (18 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Edit: I forgot the option that you think the people/community is better here. If that's your vote, pick the design one. I feel like Gamefaqs opting out of a upvote/downvote system contributes a lot to the difference of people.

User Info: nothinpersonnel

1 week ago#2
one sans undertale and they make me not allowed to post.
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User Info: Ranticoot

1 week ago#3
reddit takes this board's already-awful circlejerk problem and multiples it by 50
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User Info: JoyStar

1 week ago#4
Where's the "I go back and forth between both" option?
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User Info: ThePuff27

1 week ago#5
because you can't post the wrong things on gamefaqs and get your post buried by other posts with a higher amount of upvotes
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User Info: Someguy1006

1 week ago#6
I like the Gamefaqs' design better and I find the like/dislike system detrimental to communities like this. Not that it doesn't have its purposes elsewhere. Gamefaqs usually also doesn't feel as much of an echo chamber as Reddit can be sometimes.
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User Info: ChaosKintrol

1 week ago#7
Ranticoot posted...
reddit takes this board's already-awful circlejerk problem and multiples it by 50

User Info: TG_Wolf

1 week ago#8
When choosing between two cesspools, always choose the smaller of the two.
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User Info: Ohmygosh_Josh

1 week ago#9
I find Reddit's layout confusing.

That, and I became too used to Gamefaqs's layout anyways, and I did find Gamefaqs first so.

That, and a whole load of cool people post here, why would I want to leave?
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User Info: IamNori

1 week ago#10
I use GameFAQs for more social interactions. I do all of my participation at GameFAQs (especially during the Brave Frontier and FFBE heyday). Reddit is my go-to for gameplay guides.

I'm totally glad that there isn't an upvote or downvote system, and every post is laid out from first to last. I think it's more effective to simply quote and make replies.
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