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  3. Lara Croft is more iconic than Geno and Bandana Dee

User Info: Steve_Jobs_Son

1 week ago#1
Only reason this board doesn't want her is because you're all a bunch of weebs.

User Info: JoyStar

1 week ago#2
I agree with the topic title and I've never played a Tomb Raider game in my life (never played Super Mario RPG or Kirby but those two are characters from franchises I'm familiar with).
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User Info: MasterPeteDiddy

1 week ago#3
I'll agree she's more iconic, but I'd still prefer Geno or even Bandana Waddle Dee over her. I can't even imagine Lara being particularly fun to play in Smash.
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User Info: Nergigante

1 week ago#4
I actually wouldn't mind her. She's cool and I liked Tomb Raider since TR2 (TR1 was way too awkward for me, even back in the day, but Anniversary made it better thankfully). I don't actively support characters anymore aside from Monster Hunter, but yeah. I'd take Lara over Geno, and I like Geno honestly.
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User Info: LuigiFan835

1 week ago#5
That’s very true, and personally I wouldn’t have any problem if she got in, but I would still prefer other characters
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User Info: Iced_Shadows

1 week ago#6
True, but she’s a boring character that wouldn’t bring anything new to Smash. At least Bandana Waddle Dee would finally bring a spear user to Smash, as well as completing the four playable characters from modern Kirby games.
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User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

1 week ago#7
The last movie was f***ing great. I yet have to play LC games.
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User Info: Supah_Axel

1 week ago#8
Lol at people thinking lara would be boring but wanting bandana waddle dee.

a spear probably is one of the most boring weapons you could give a character since it's very limited on what you can do with it
stab with spear
lunge with spear
that's pretty much it. doesnt sound like a very interesting character. OH BUT HE'S HOLDING A SPEAR THATS SO UNIQUE AND COOL AND FUN.

User Info: AarturoSc

1 week ago#9
I don't think the japanese care for her, tho.

And after the reboot, I don't give a damn either since she got so boring. At least most of the cast here has something cartoony to them, either in their design, character, personality or all of them.
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User Info: deeewooh

1 week ago#10
yes but she's owned by square enix now and erdrick is basically confirmed at this point
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