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User Info: footmaster1954

1 year ago#1
Michael Jones, known to his friends as Mike, is a 16 year old ace pitcher from Seattle, Oregon.

He is the nephew of Dr. Steven Jones, the famous archaeologist.

Mike has done battle with evil space invaders and has even traveled through time.

Ultimately Mike gave the people of Argonia: a planet far away from Earth a second chance to rebuild their world after the destruction visited on them by Zoda.

New Challenger Approaching!

SPECIAL MOVES----------------------------------------

B – PSYCHIC SHOCKWAVE - Mike forces his palm forward and fires a blast of energy from it. Mike can fire the Psychic Shock wave in 8 directions. pressing "B" while moving the Directional pad in a direction will achieve this. Like all of Mike's attacks, depending on his DMG% this move changes. at low DMG% the Psychic shock wave doesn't have very good range, but at higher DMG% the Psychic Shock wave can travel fairly far and has increased rapid fire abilities. when the Psychic Shock Wave hits a foe it electrocutes them- stunning the foe briefly before dealing Knock back.
DMG: 5% (Psychic Shock Wave DMG:0%-35%) 10% (Super-Psychic Shock Wave DMG: 36%-90%) 15% (Ultra Psychic Shock Wave DMG: 91%-999%)

Side B – WONDER HORSEHIDE - Mike takes out a baseball- did you know mike is an "ace pitcher"? anyways- Mike takes out a baseball and pitches it forward striking foes casing them to fall if struck. Mike's range will get better as his DMG% becomes higher. the thing about the Wonder Horsehide is that Mike can also change up his pitch. If players hold Side and then tap "B" mike will pitch a Fast Ball- moving much faster across the screen. if players hold side and hold "B" Mike will pitch a Slow Ball that lazily flies from his hand. if players hold side and tap "B" but then pull back on the directional pad, Mike will spin around and release a curve ball that rises and dips as it travels across the screen. use each pitch for the right situation.
DMG: 7% (DMG: 0%-35%) 12% (DMG: 36%-90%) 16% (DMG: 91%-999%)

Down B – MIRACLE MIRROR - Mike takes out the Miracle Mirror- this plate of magical glass has the ability to reflect projectiles! Another day another counter- however the Miracle Mirror also infuses the Projectile with power- when the reflected Projectile strikes an object it will unleash an extra kick of power exploding on impact! sheesh where do kids these days get their hands on this kinda stuff?
DMG: ???% (DMG: 91%-999% - At this point if Mike reflects a projectile that reflected projectile cannot be re-reflected.)

Up B – ANKLET - Anklets appear around Mike's ankles adorned with wings they flap as Mike sores into the sky gaining great height. while ascending Mike glows as if he is on fire though this attack deals no DMG in this animation Mike will bounce away foes without dealing them DMG. the anklets eventually vanish rendering Mike into a helpless animation until he touches solid ground.
DMG: 0% (DMG: 0%-35%) *Gains more air time (DMG: 36%-90%) *Gains more knock back (DMG: 91%-999%)

Final Smash – SPIKED HEEL KICK - This is an area effected Final Smash. after Mike has obtained the Smash Ball, when "B" is pressed, Mike will attack a given area (Negative Zone sized area). the Camera will zoom in on Mike who in a cut scene equips his Spiked sneakers- Mike then vanishes in a wink. the scene will then show anyone who is in the effected area being dealt a heel kick to the face (these scenes sorta look like whenever someone is struck by Zelda/Shiek's light arrows) After each foe has been struck the camera will zoom back out and deal Heavy knock back not to mention DMG. Mike will have appeared back where he activated the FS- Spiked Sneakers unequipped.
DMG: 40%

User Info: footmaster1954

1 year ago#2
Kirby Hat - Kirby sports a hairstyle just like Mike's along with eyebrows and a few freckles and gains the Psychic Shockwave Ability.


Taunt 1 – Mike says: "Wow! I've done it!" he looks pretty pleased.

Taunt 2 – Mike will take out a Try-Your-Luck Sign and and spin it so that the top plank spins around when it comes to a stop a painted face of mike is on the board Mike says: "Radicola!" and puts the sign away.

Taunt 3 – Mike takes out two bananas and sticks them in his ears- takes them out and laughs and tosses them away- they poof into smoke.

PALUTENA'S GUIDANCE FOR MIKE--------------------------------

VIRIDI: Ring Ring- Pit- pick up the phone!

PIT: Huh? What's a Phone?

VIRIDI: ...Oh never mind.

PIT: Um, Ok, so who is this guy?

VIRIDI: Hm? oh. That's Mike Jones. Just another human.

PALUTENA: Actually Mike is known as the hero of the Argonia people.

VIRIDI: (Mutters) Of what's left of them...

PIT: What do you mean?

VIRIDI: Their home planet, Argonia, it was destroyed.

PIT: Oh no!

PALUTENA: By the evil Prime Invader: Soda.

VIRIDI: I think you mean ZODA.

PALUTENA: Hm? n-no I don't think so. Soda destroyed Argonia and to ensure the survival of their species, the King of Argonia: King Hirocon secreted away his daughter and six other Argonian children and sent them to earth in an escape pod.

PIT: SODA! That fiend! to separate a father from his own child!

VIRIDI: Seriously. it's Zoda. With a "Z". And honestly a family tragedy is nothing when compared to an entire world that was destroyed! You guys are really missing the bigger picture.

PALUTENA: Anyways that's where Mike comes in, on a search for his uncle, Mike eventually met- Zoda. he fought the invader and destroyed him and in turn rescued the seven survivors of Argonia.

PIT: Mike Jones must be quite the warrior!

PALUTENA: Not really, he mostly focuses on playing "Based Balls".

VIRIDI: Ugh it's called "Base Ball"! honestly where do you get your information?


"Mica!? Wait! Disconnected...?!"

TROPHIES AFFILIATED WITH MIKE---------------------------

1 - Mike Jones
2 - Spiked Heel Kick (Final Smash)
3 - The Sub-C
4 - Nav-Com
5 - Chief Coracola
6 - Baboo
7 - Dolphin Mother and Son
8 - Cheif Miracola & Banette
9 - Queen Shecola and She-warriors
10 - Peter
11 - Uncle Jones
12 - Mica
13 - Zoda
14 - Tetrads
15 - Magic Cubes
16 - Zoda-X, Zoda-Y & Zoda Z
17 - King Hirocon
18 - C-Serpent
19 - Jet-Pack Jumper
20 - Osteroid

User Info: footmaster1954

1 year ago#3


Long ago Captain Bell sacrificed his own ship and his life to protect the people of Bellcola- the islanders now refer to the captain as the "Island Father". Beneath the island lies "Captain Bell's Cave", Captain Bell's cave is as one would assume a cave and it is also the setting for the stage. The stage itself is one of the many chambers found inside the cave- a bridge like formation of rocks spans over water below above the bridge area are some ledges that look as if they too were once a bridge like formation but the center of this structure has since crumbled away. Captain Bell's Cave was designed to keep the good captain's ship afloat- effectively blocking the straight that cuts through the island- blocking invaders from easily invading the islands shores- its maze like layout ultimately leading to a device that could sink the ship. why such a device was created is beyond us. however to keep the device from being activated- the caverns of "Captain Bell's Cave" have been thoroughly booby-trapped. this chamber is no different. if players happen to step on a switch- hidden from plain sight, they will activate 1 of 3 different traps: the first trap a loud rumbling can be heard- and its getting closer. suddenly a huge red bowling ball rockets across the lower bridge across the stage and into another chamber. it will eventually come back returning the way it came. The bowling ball deals hefty DMG and huge knock back. the second trap will activate immediately sending a rain of spears down from the ceiling dealing DMG to players they impale. the third and last trap that can be activated causes spike traps to jut up out of the ground and run along the ground in a wave like pattern- these deal DMG and vertical knock back.

STAGE MUSIC TRACKS---------------------------------

1 - Dungeon Theme - Startropics -
2 - Captain Bell's Memorial - Startropics -
3 - Inside The Spaceship - Startropics -
4 - It was for the children - Startropics -
5 - Dungeon Theme 1 - Zoda's Revenge Startropics 2 -
6 - Zoda's Theme - Zoda's Revenge Startropics 2 -
7 - Overworld Theme - Startropics -

SIDE NOTES------------------------------------------

ENTRANCE - Mike is heard saying "Paa paa paa oom papa mow mow!" as a vortex opens and Mike falls out of it as he's getting up, the Oxford Wonder World falls out of the vortex as it closes and hits Mike in the head causing him to fall back down- grabbing the book, Mike puts it away as he enters fighter stance.

Victory Music - Chapter Introduction - Startropics -

WII-MOTE SFX - Mike shouts: "Too Cool!"


BLUE - Mike Jones Blue
RED - Hurt Red
AQUA - Ghostly Aqua
BLACK - Sprite Black
YELLOW - Argonian Yellow
BROWN - Archeologist Brown
ORANGE - Islander Orange
PINK - Prime Invader Pink

ALTERNATE COSTUMES-----------------------------------------------

Shecola Michelle Disguise


WEIGHT: Normal
THROW: 10/10
SPEED: 6/10
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Mike's Attacks change based on his DMG% / HP% When Mike's DMG% is low his attacks are more close ranged, for example his "A" attack utilizes his Island Yo-Yo when his DMG rises this will change to the Shooting Star allowing him to fire a projectile and then again when his DMG has gone up even more the shooting star will be replaced by the Super Nova- allowing him to fire a more powerful further flying projectile. this is only one example. Mike's other attacks will gain power as his DMG% goes up. much like Lucario.

User Info: footmaster1954

1 year ago#4
Wow, you thought of everything! I had made my own Mike Jones Smash-moveset at one point, only I had Spike Boots set to Down B (like Falcon Kick). Anklet for Up B is a natural choice. I wonder if Vitamin X could be a special Recovery Item; like, it'd push your DMG% beyond 0% all the say to something like -50%, which would slowly count back to 0%.

Anyways, good job!

User Info: warrior9999

1 year ago#5
You forgot to mention he would use a yoyo or a morning star for his regular attacks based on the amount of percentage he has.
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