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  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Mighty The Armadillo In Smash as DLC!?

User Info: Shadow0418

1 month ago#1
OMG! I think we're finally getting a new Sonic rep!!


User Info: SuperPiposaru

4 weeks ago#2
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User Info: JigglySmash

4 weeks ago#3
Wrong Sonic rep
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 weeks ago#4
Yeah, no.
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User Info: M_Live

4 weeks ago#5
I mean, if Nintendo doesn't want anyone to buy the season pass this would make sense
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User Info: Izzy0585

4 weeks ago#6
Highly wishful thinking. Personally I think he'd be an easy alt costume to do, but when teeth had to be pulled to bring him back even into Sonic lore after 20+ years for an extended version of a retro game not even made by the current Sonic Team, he's not going to appear before Eggman, Tails or even Metal Sonic. It's theorized that like Ray, he wasn't intended to even be brought back for Knuckles Chaotix, as Sonic and Tails were originally planned for the game, and he was only used in place of Sonic since they shared similar body proportions and facial expressions. Even when the game was in prototype stage as Knuckles Ringstar and they decided on Mighty as a replacement, they were going to reinvent him as Nat the armadillo with other possible graphical or palette changes.

Don't get me wrong, an alt costume would be easiest, and an echo fighter would be completely doable with the Hammer Drop being implemented for one of Sonic's moves, but I don't expect Sora Ltd. to care about him when Sega clearly never did.
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User Info: Blayshy

4 weeks ago#7
SEGA is not interested in other Sonic characters than Sonic himself, because some manchildren think we still live in 1991.
I am pretty sure I know what to do now.
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User Info: okayokayokay

4 weeks ago#8
Would honestly expect dillon before this.

User Info: KamiKam

4 weeks ago#9
Dillon has a better chance than Mighty
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