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User Info: JoyStar

2 months ago#11
Skull Kid without a doubt! He already has that spot-on Mii Costume so compared to other Assist Trophies he's already halfway there.

(I didn't see Skull Kid at first so I clicked Other, noooo!)
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User Info: _Sanaki_

2 months ago#12
Oh, they're combined with Midna. I kind of glossed over since I saw Midna, figured the / was just Wolf Link.
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User Info: Itsuki_Aoi

2 months ago#13

User Info: RandomEncounter

2 months ago#14
Bomberman is my first choice, though Starfy, Riki, and Skapon would be pretty cool too.

User Info: MettanAtem

2 months ago#15
Hammer Bro.

User Info: Alog109

2 months ago#16
Isaac, check out this video for more info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzGJrpOndOQ&t=18s. This was pretty tough honestly though, a lot of these Assist characters would be good fits. Bomberman, Alucard would be nice. Takamaru or Zero
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User Info: DoomDesired2

2 months ago#17
Waluigi for the memes
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User Info: RayThrust

2 months ago#18
Isaac. Easy choice

User Info: SquireRamza

2 months ago#19
MalkyeaImbak posted...
albertojz356 posted...
Someone interesting that brings something new and from a unique genre like Yuri.

This is an excellent choice

It is, but damn, it's hard to overcome the fanboy appeal of Cyborg Ninja, Zero, and Alucard.
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User Info: Ninja_Pancake

2 months ago#20
Bois watch out. There’s a troll going around posting NSFW pictures on different topics. Shield your eyes!!
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