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  3. If K Rool and Ridley weren't in Ultimate, would you still like the newcomers?

User Info: The_DOAM

2 months ago#61
Animal Crossing is the silent juggernaut over at Nintendo just look at the sheer amount of Isabelle themed fan content since she was introduced into Smash.

As for Ridley and K Rool they filled slots so if they were to be removed they would have to be replaced. Thus we grab the Kid Icarus villian Medusa and the Yoshi Villian Kamek or instead of Kamek they go with another Metroid villian that of course being MB. MB because of if Ridley was indeed to big then MB's previous forms would be way to big as well.

In the end I think two villians for two villians would work out fine unless they pulled a FE sword wielding villian.
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User Info: Pokesamus217

2 months ago#62
Blayshy posted...
aliashubbatch posted...
I don't care much for the newcomers either way.

Who would YOU care about, then???

b****ing about Sakurai, it’s not like he does anything else.
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User Info: Aerodar

2 months ago#63
Love King K.Rool. Top tier heavy fighter for sure!
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

2 months ago#64
King K Rool and Ridley are the coolest newcomers imo, but Simon and Inkling got in so...
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User Info: LuigiFan835

2 months ago#65
Assuming they wouldn’t be replaced, then yeah the newcomer lineup would be kinda lame. Simon and Inkling would still be cool though
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User Info: SirJuicius

2 months ago#66
I would still like the class, but it would be significantly less likeable.
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User Info: plasmabeam

2 months ago#67
Nope. Only Simon/Richter would be hype at that point.
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User Info: CuterChihuahua2

2 months ago#68
Limit posted...
I would personally be happier, because it would result in less Ridley and K. Rool fans turning around and calling the roster complete and proclaiming that anyone who believes otherwise is ungrateful, entitled, or whatever other buzzword of the week. This in turn would result in more unified discontent that largely benefits anyone who did not get what they wanted even with them.

Excellent point.
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User Info: Jinzo126

2 months ago#69
I still would be happy. I got back Wolf, Snake, Ice Climber and Young Link :D, also Simon, Richter, Inkling and Incineroar are Great Newcomers and I'm looking forward to Piranha Plant. :D And even besides that, more important many old Characters get upgraded, like Ganondorf, Bowser, Zelda etc. And the overall Gameplay is improved and we got a better Single Player. K.Rool and Ridley is just the Icing on a Very Delicious Cake :D
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User Info: Geminosity

2 months ago#70
The only newcomer that means anything to me is Inkling. You could remove K Rool and Ridley right now and I wouldn't even notice. I don't care about them and I'll never play them. They're basically nothing to me :P
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