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  3. If K Rool and Ridley weren't in Ultimate, would you still like the newcomers?

User Info: GammaDelta

2 months ago#51
I don't really care about either of them. They're cool, but I wouldn't be disappointed if they weren't in Ultimate. The rest of the newcomers are good enough, although the number of newcomers would feel a bit weak, now that two uniques would be gone.
As long as Ridley and K. Rool would've been replaced by two unique fighters, I wouldn't mind them being gone at all.
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User Info: the_NGW

2 months ago#52
Simon was still one of my wants so I would be happy for that, but losing K. Rool would sting. Ridley, while I klie and use him, I was always just "yeah that's cool" about him getting in.
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User Info: LnV

2 months ago#53
Then Joker would carry the burden alone...I would have likely even sold my Switch and give up on Nintendo as a whole...Again...

User Info: SirDood18

2 months ago#54
Considering the only ones I was hyped about were Isabelle and Incineroar, yes.
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User Info: TekTheNinja

2 months ago#55
No. Without them it would be honestly pretty garbage.
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User Info: LnV

2 months ago#56
CuterChihuahua2 posted...
I don't like the roster.

Sakurai fanboys would damage control the roster to defend Sakurai as they are doing nowdays, damage controlling the absence of Isaac, Ashley, Springman, etc.

But most regular fans would be severely disappointed.

CaliberChamp posted...
Ridley, Simon and King K. Rool was a must

Simon? Since when? He wasn't being asked for in any meaningful way. Even Sakurai admitted that out of the castlevania chars, he wasn't even the top lol.

Revisionism at its finest.

Castlevania was heavily requested on the ballot, he said it himself...He said he was sure the Fans Would prefer the Belmonts too, even tough Alucard is more popular...

User Info: DaemonLord0

2 months ago#57
I'd probably be a bit more disappointed, but still somewhat satisfied due to the inclusion of Inklings, Simon/Richter, Dark Samus (even if she's more of a clone than I'd like), Isabelle, and Piranha Plant (plus whoever the DLC characters are).

User Info: Robot99

2 months ago#58
4 newcomers, only 1 of which I actually like? Ehhh...
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User Info: 9Cirno9

2 months ago#59
Well I don't really like them anyway sooo
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User Info: RaflebXgre

2 months ago#60
The newcomers? No, definitely not.

The roster? Yea, it's still pretty damn good.
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