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User Info: GoldLatias

2 months ago#11
I already ignored the dude posting scat in here, but his post still showed up. No idea why.

On topic, Tom Nook and other AC villagers would be cool.
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Phoenix Wright for DLC. also doo doo doo dOO

User Info: TheMindGamer

2 months ago#12
Pigmask, Federation Trooper, and Ardanian Soldier Gunners.

User Info: sky_queen3

2 months ago#13
bengever posted...
Mumkhar outfit for Mii Brawler. It's such a perfect fit.

Ok, let's do that and a Mii Gunner Dickson outfit and reunite the colony 9 defense force trio. :D
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User Info: Alog109

2 months ago#14
The main guy from Blaster Master
DLC for Smash Brothers Ultimate-

User Info: WickedSickJosh

2 months ago#15
Any costume that’s really good at hiding the fact that its a mii (like Skullkid and to an extenet Ray)
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User Info: M_Live

2 months ago#16
Geno should come back
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User Info: gameandwatch72

2 months ago#17
Mage Robe for my hyness mii
RIP Bandana DeeLC. :(
Literally any Kirby character for SSBU DLC... but preferably Magolor, BWD or Hyness.

User Info: Jathic

2 months ago#18
Henry Flemming (Code Name STEAM) as gunner outfit.

Also the Soldier’s Set from BotW (Sword fighter)
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User Info: ObeseCity

2 months ago#19
Geno for gunners. Even if you don't support him being playable, you gotta admit, that costume was pretty cool.

If Doom Slayer is happening, I'm sure Todd would want to put something Skyrim in the game. So why not Dragonborn armor that works with every type of fighter? Also, give me the "Dovahkiin" song and I'm all for Elder Scrolls representation.

A Raiden costume for Swordfighters. Jesus, if I can't have Rules of Nature in the game, then give me the opportunity to pretend to Rules of Nature ROB.
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
2 months ago#20
Smiffwilm posted...
More regular costume pieces that you can change the color of. While specific character costumes are nice, you can't change the color of them to make them look different or to better look like a different character not in Smash!

Agreed, there's too many outfits that don't let you change the colour, even ones that do come in different colours in their source, like Wooly Yoshi. IMO the most annoying about this are the Maid and Butler ones, which are stuck in this maroon colour instead of allowing them to be black.

Anyways, The Mumkhar one I def. agree with. I'd like to see the Proto Man, X, .EXE, Zero, Hunter/Rathalos Armor, Mage Robe, Lloyd Irving, and Plate Armor back. Other Tales Heroes like Cress would be cool, and if they ever give us more FF content, how about costumes based on Jobs, like Fighter/Warrior, Black Mage, Red Mage, etc.? And Flora/Felicia and Jakob from Fates for the sake of a Butler and Maid outfit that actually are black.
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