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User Info: DiduXD

2 months ago#1
I only want one: Wolf's old armor for Gunners. All they have to do is remove all of Wolf from it and make it fit Miis. I'd actually like it if all old costumes were available for Miis.
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User Info: Lorulian

2 months ago#2
James Bond with the "big head" cheat from Golden Eye N64 for Mii Gunner
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User Info: bengever

2 months ago#3
Mumkhar outfit for Mii Brawler. It's such a perfect fit.
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

2 months ago#4
Eirika! That way I may use Mii Swordfighter a bit more.
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User Info: Smiffwilm

2 months ago#5
More regular costume pieces that you can change the color of. While specific character costumes are nice, you can't change the color of them to make them look different or to better look like a different character not in Smash!

User Info: Crimson_Squid

2 months ago#6
Give me my goddamn Fancy Pirate Hat.
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User Info: HerbieHusk

2 months ago#7
We literally had this same exact topic yesterday.


User Info: Alog109

2 months ago#8
King Hippo costume. Star Fox costume without that big helmet, just the jacket and the metallic legs.
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User Info: richy90

2 months ago#10
I want any character that can fit good with the Mii abilities (for example, Isaac DOESN'T FIT WELL)

I think the old Lloyd Irvine costume was great, since his moves looked a lot like Lloyd's.
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