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  3. Any advice for Duck Hunt challenge?

User Info: Arcturas

3 months ago#1
The one where you have to beat the true final battle without dying.

Besides hammering it obviously.

User Info: Squidiot

3 months ago#2
Celebi support spirit helps

I did it with Ganondorf and Arceus primary
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User Info: Gargomon251

3 months ago#3
Use glitchy olimar?
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User Info: gaming_player

3 months ago#5
set it to Easy and use a celebi support spirit.
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User Info: Laihoard

3 months ago#6
Just got mine. Here are a few pointers:

• Switch to Easy if you haven't already. You'll take less damage and find it more bearable.

• Equip the spirit you have that has the highest defence (prioritize it over attack) along with three available slots, then equip Celebi to constantly heal. If you don't have Celebi then just use something else that can heal.

• I recommend selecting a fighter that hits really hard (I used Ganondorf). Just be careful not to fall in the first section because otherwise the hard-hitting fighters will make short work of the section with all the bosses and take them down in just a few hits.

• As for Galeem and Dharkon, you may want to watch a video to get a better idea of how to dodge their attacks (I didn't bother and still beat it on my first try). Prioritize taking one down before the other. Not sure if it matters, but I went for Dharkon first. The only time you should be hitting the other one is when your focus target is briefly off the screen. Otherwise you just want to hit the first one with aerials and Smash attacks to beat it as quickly as possible. Some of their attacks hit really hard so don't be afraid to hold your shield for a really long time. At one point I accumulated over 80% damage but ended up getting back to 40.

• Lastly, just try to take your time. It's not as bad as it sounds, especially when set to Easy. As long as you don't accidentally fall during the first section, the rest should more or less be smooth sailing. Good luck!

User Info: CriticalFury

3 months ago#7
I had used Skull Kid's 2nd form which gives you lifesteal and paired it with a healing support.
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