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  3. Noob tips? First time player? i get smashed!

User Info: Caine123

3 months ago#1
heys guys, im no noob in gaming but a newcomer with SSB. i play it on hard and wont go less, i play always hard if it is fair.
in ADVENTURE mode i had no problems over 1h and now i got different battles, i dont use skilltree feels a bit cheating, nd sometimes those battles atm are like the CPU is on speed! i dunno how to react and counterattack, block, dunno which attack i should do etc.

do you have basic tips to learn?

i also dont understand when i can REALLY smash someone, sometimes i get/or i smash opponents under 100%, but can you only smash with smash attacks and special items?

thx guys

User Info: Nes_Mettaur

3 months ago#2
First off, don't feel bad for cheating with the skill tree- just try to avoid developing bad habits, but some of those missions are pretty insane otherwise.

Otherwise, there's more ways to close a match than Smash attacks! Usually those come out slow for how hard they hit, anyways, and you're only gonna toss them out if you think the opponent's gonna be open.

Learn the ins-and-outs of your favorite characters, each one has unique properties to learn. For example- with Samus you're usually gonna want to score KOs with her Charge Shot, Ness is infamous for using his grab and back throw to finish the job, and Sheik's more about making sure the opponent can't recover than she is about scoring big kill moves.

Who do you like playing as, anyways? Whoever that'd be, I'm sure people here could offer you tips for them.
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User Info: lolhaxxor

3 months ago#3
Use the skills, it's not cheating and this game will NOT play fair even if you use skills.

Pick a character you like and stick with them, you'll learn what they're good at and what their weaknesses are.

Everyone has different percents when they can KO an enemy, it depends on who you're playing and who you're hitting.

Learn the absolute basics, moving around, hitting the enemy, shielding, and recovering. Then move into other stuff like grabbing, special attacks, consistent KO methods.
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