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  3. I didn't pay 1 cent for Smash Ultimate, I got it for free

User Info: Cybersai

3 months ago#1
Feels good, man. I got it as a holiday gift. So I am playing Smash for free. I don't pay for online either so I save $20 there. I also already had the Wii-U controller adapter and my old Gamecube controllers so I didn't have to buy that either.

If I get the season pass which I haven't decided yet, I'll probably get someone to buy it for me. Feels good to play this game for free when I hear people spent close to $100 on it.

I feel sorry for people who had to spend money.

User Info: RotomGuy3

3 months ago#2
Ok, happy Christmas
When is Pikmin 4

User Info: altm8501

3 months ago#3
weird flex but ok
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User Info: Tyranthraxus

3 months ago#4
You are bragging about getting a discount low effort Christmas gift
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User Info: gameandwatch72

3 months ago#5
altm8501 posted...
weird flex but ok

Legitimately the best usage of this term I have seen thus far
RIP Bandana DeeLC. :(
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User Info: yosheta

3 months ago#6
Sorry that you're sorry about people who have to buy stuff for themselves.

User Info: Kimarnic

3 months ago#7
Who cares? Good for you

User Info: Itsuki_Aoi

3 months ago#8
How dare you. This topic is just spitting in the face of honest men like Sakurai. You can bet this will be taken down within the hour

User Info: FunKeeJ

3 months ago#9
I got a switch from a friend since he had an extra one

and many people are born rich and just get ridiculous s*** from their birth
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

3 months ago#10
Didn't you make a thread making fun of people who had others buy the game for themselves.

You know what never mind.
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  3. I didn't pay 1 cent for Smash Ultimate, I got it for free
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