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  3. Characters you main and why?

User Info: Cactus_Superior

4 months ago#51
I pretty much just pick characters from franchises I love and try to get good with them.

Y. Link/T. Link
Mega Man

The only other character I play is ROB, who I picked up as a joke and actually ended up really loving.
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User Info: ObeseCity

4 months ago#52
64: Captain Falcon and Link because I thought they were both cool as a kid.
Melee: Captain Falcon, see 64.
Brawl: Snake, because I also thought he was cool.
Sm4sh: Ryu because I like Street Fighter and his fighting style compared to the rest of the cast, Marth for the same reason, Cloud for the same reason, and Captain Falcon for the same reason along with why I liked him in 64/Melee
Ultimate: Snake because I played and loved the MGS games as well as my Brawl fondness for him, Isabelle because I like her gag-character style, Zelda because I think her redesign is cute and I enjoy all the buffs, and Captain Falcon yet again for the same reason as Sm4sh.
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User Info: CarbideTitan

4 months ago#53
Ike is my boy.

First of all, he hits like a truck. And his moves are so practical. You hit a button, Ike smacks somebody with a big ass sword.

You Press B, Ike lifts up his sword and stabs whoever happens to be in front of him. Hold B long enough and goddamn fire sprays from the ground because Ike said so.

You press side B and ike runs his happy ass over to the enemy and smacks them with his golden ass sword.

You press down B and Ike waits patiently for some absolute fool to have the idiot-ass idea to strike Ike. And then he smacks them with a sword.

You press up B and guess what the hell happens. Ike finds an enemy in the sky and smacks them with a sword. Then he politely brings them back down to the ground where he, again, smacks them with his sword.
Oh, and if the enemy happens to be off the stage when he uses his Aether, guess what... I hope they enjoy being K/O'd because that's what happens. Ike, personally accompanys them to the bottom of the kill box and walks them out. That's just the kind of guy he is.

So look at your main, now back to mine. Does yours have bulging-ass arm muscles? Does yours have a badass golden sword? Does yours not f*** around when it comes to smacking folks with said golden-ass sword? I think not.
PSN: CarbideTitan
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User Info: Fairycancel

4 months ago#54
I'm really liking miis and pichu too
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  3. Characters you main and why?
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