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  3. Characters you main and why?

User Info: Ohmygosh_Josh

3 months ago#41
64 - Samus

Melee - Doctor Mario

Brawl - Kirby

4 - Kirby

Ultimate - have yet to play.


Idk, Samus was the easiest for me to play as in 64.

And in Melee, I just liked Doc Mario's design. No other reason. I was 6 at the time I first played Melee.

In Brawl and 4, Kirby's my sort of fighter, nimble in the air, light, and just straight up adorable.
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User Info: FireBall2645

3 months ago#42
For this game.

I still love this character and despite how annoying it can be to play as her she still is my favorite character on the roster and still my most played.

I have mained Link in every Smash and this is my favorite version of him because remote bombs are hilarious

Favorite FE Lord and I was dead set on maining him since he was announced.
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User Info: CarbideTitan

3 months ago#43
Ike. I like to hit stuff with his sword.
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User Info: JackNief

3 months ago#44
Charizard. Dragons rule, baby.
...Or something to that effect.
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User Info: BaphometFlux

3 months ago#45
Mr Game and Watch; I like attacks and One Hit Kill baby. But most I like his wackiness.

User Info: Fysher

3 months ago#46
Smash 64: Kirby, Yoshi, Samus
Melee: Yoshi, Samus, Sheik
Brawl: Samus, Yoshi, Sheik
Sm4sh: Samus, Kirby, Jigglypuff

Ultimate: I don't know. Too many fun characters to play as. I'm trying to unlock Elite Smash for the whole cast, and so far Mega Man, Dark Samus and Kirby are really clicking for me. K. Rool is probably the most fun to play, though.

Edit: As for why, Kirby and Yoshi were my favorite Nintendo characters back then, and Smash 64 introduced me to Metroid. Sheik was just fun to play as in Melee and Brawl. Jigglypuff is because I respect Hungrybox's Melee play style and it stuck with me during Sm4sh.
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User Info: 9Cirno9

3 months ago#47
I main Bayonetta because she is the biggest inspiration to me as a drag queen and I love her so much. She is iconic.
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User Info: SilverRalph

3 months ago#48
Wario because he’s awesome

Pac-Man because he’s cool

Snake because he’s funny

Mr. G&W because he’s cool

Ice Climbers because they’re cool
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User Info: BigTee66

3 months ago#49
Fox - been my main since the 64 days, something about him was pretty cool about him then, fighting and such than shooting in his arwing. The firefox animation looks the coolest. Melee he was my main, but later dropped in the competitive scene since I was terrible with him

Falco - Alt for fox, prefer the melee (and air) counterpart

Yoshi - This mean mudda lover was underrated in Melee. He hits like a truck and strangely quick and forgiving. I picked him up because of him being an underdog in Melee, and i liked beating Marth, and Fox with a cutesy character. I feel that hes too buffed in Wii u and Ultimate

Mega Man - Im a huge megaman fan, played and beaten all of the classics
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User Info: Nergigante

3 months ago#50
Wolf - Favorite Nintendo character of all time

Incineroar - Fun as heck and I always love wrestler cats (I main King in Tekken after all and think Tiger Mask is cool)

Ridley - One of my favorite villains of all time
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