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User Info: terrabranford64

3 months ago#1
Why do you main certain characters in any Smash game? For me:

Melee (I am a casual, not a hardcore player, also I was 10. Wtf's a tier list?):

Young link: He related to me. I was only 8 at the time so him being young like me got me into maining him

Mr. Game and Watch: Stick figure character and looked really freaky and weird. I also thought he was a hatless Mario. I ended up loving him way more than Mario.

Roy: "Roy's our boy" I kept hearing that on the Roblox forums so I tried him out and oh man was he amazing.

Pichu: I was a mad Pikachu main at first when I didn't have Melee for myself (I played over at a friend's house) but then my step dad's son came in and played Melee with me on a 1v1v1v1 battle featuring only Pokemon and he as Mewtwo won with me as Pichu only going last place. It was then on I wanted to train myself as Pichu for a good year. Nothing good came out of it lol

Brawl (my first Smash):

Mr. Game and Watch: Same as before except him being buffed compared to melee got me to only play as him and a certain other.

Toon Link: Same s*** as Young link, that and I loved Wind Waker. Since 2007, I was playing a lot of Zelda. Windwaker was my favorite.

Lucas:Not too fond of Ness AKA "Charlie Brown with a hat", but Lucas on the other hand, after playing Subspace emissary, I felt like I related to him and he was a down to earth character. Also he was a kid like I was when I was 8, which was the same reason I ended up maining Young Link. Afterwards I finished MOther 3 and oh my god the tears I had. This was the first ever game where I could say I cried really hard to. I really started to main Lucas then.


Shulk: The very first character I picked up and mained. I dropped him after DLC. But afterwards I decided to play Xenoblade 3d and it was nice.

Mario: I liked how he had a lot of combos within his down throw so I picked him up.

Rosalina: I knew she was top tier and I knew I wanted to pick her up. SHe helped me get a 30% win rate. yeah.

Cloud: I simply enjoyed FF7.


Pichu: I love him deeply. This whole love affair with Pichu started since 2012 so of course I ended up maining him He felt really good too, his self damage wasn't that bad either this time around and he felt heavier.

Mr. Game and Watch: I wasn't so sure if he was better or not compared to smash 4 I dropped him in 4 because he felt awful. Ultimate? His overhaul was a great idea.

Cloud: See Smash 4
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User Info: PS4Warrior

3 months ago#2
Marth because i just started using him and don't feel like trying to main anyone else yet.
PS4 - Because it was the next gen console i was the most interested in.
Warrior - Because i usually pick the Warrior class in MMORPGs when i played them.

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

3 months ago#3
64: Ness and Pikachu because I had no one else

Melee: Ness, Ice Climbers, and Pichu. I enjoy their playstyles a fair bit for the latter two. The former was like s***tier Lucas so of course I used him. I also used Roy and Young Link a fair bit.

Brawl: Lucas is my favorite and I got better with him than I did anyone else.

Sm4sh: See Brawl. Also played Shulk, Roy and Ness a lot. I tried to use Alph/Olimar but I sucked ass. I mean I suck ass with Lucas too.

Ultimate: Do not own, plan to main Lucas, Shulk, Pichu, Chrom, and Icies.
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User Info: Deepest_Cut

3 months ago#4
Cool story bro. Could have made your explanations a little more to the point. I Grew up with Various Nes and SNES games so mains never changed. And Only beat Galaxy 1

Samus/D. Samus
Young Link
K. Rool
PS4: Azteck9
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User Info: Silver79

3 months ago#5
Chrom cuz Chrom is awesome

Beyo is my fun character. She’s just fun to use.
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User Info: PavakaSword

3 months ago#6
Melee: Marth
I honestly don't like melee as much as I do Project M, but if I had to choose Marth is the one can really bring from Project M to melee and play him almost the same.
Project M: DK
I loved playing as DK in Brawl and with the added mechanics I felt I was in control of DK with every move he did. Thund3rsreign had some influence on my pursuit in getting the best I can with him thanks to his title of greatest PM player making me believe truly any character can be good if you put your mind to it.

Brawl: Falco
I had a big debate with myself whether I was better with Falco or Wolf in this game but it's safe to say I played this character to death against Fox since my friend mained him.
Needless to say, I was the better player, still am

Smash 4: Cloud
He made me like the game as his moveset was fun and Roy unfortunately wasn't cutting it for me (Roy was the only reason I bought the Wii U but I stayed after buying Cloud)

Ultimate: DK
I made a thread on smash 4's board committing to main DK regardless how bad he was (which wasn't much of a gamble because I doubt they'd make him bad) but nevertheless here we are and I'm ready to play a good DK just as I did in Project M.
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User Info: CardboardBox123

3 months ago#7
Snake because he's my father.
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User Info: Zinith

3 months ago#8
Yoshi: Because Yoshi
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User Info: Beers

3 months ago#9
Ganondorf, Incineroar, and Simon. When I get tired of being zoned and gimped, I switch to K Rool.
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User Info: Milan_Warrior

3 months ago#10
3DS IGN : Hamani
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