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  3. I'm surprised there's no outrage over the belmont's religious attacks.

User Info: LonkyKang

3 months ago#41
Uta posted...
LonkyKang posted...
No, leave u leftist outraged garbage

Religious Fervor is commonly attributed to right-wing politics, but do keep screaming about your boogeyman. You're setting a brilliant example for your fellows.
That being said, The Belmonts avoid overtly religious allusions. They're considerably more subtle than say, Game and Watch's Native American sprite. But I don't think the Religious folk would terribly mind having a vampire hunter attacking with commonly seen marks of killing vampires and werewolves.

No reasonable conservative wants to bring censorship

User Info: InfiniteMick

3 months ago#42
Pirate_Arrows posted...
Old conservatives stopped caring about videogames. Now it's young liberals who are f***ing stuff up for the rest of us.

Citation needed
First casualty was Incineroar. Never been so proud of a board in my life.

User Info: Ivashanko

3 months ago#43
I doubt Christians care, and non Christians have long ago accepted that in vampire pop culture Christian items have power. There's nothing to really be bothered about

User Info: Triforceformer

3 months ago#44
LunaStik posted...
Triforceformer posted...
9Cirno9 posted...
Bayonetta killed God so it's not exactly an issue in games anymore.

She's so proud of her son killing his first God with a bullet to the head

So Joker is Bayonetta’s son? New canon confirmed

She never called or texted him during probation cause she was busy dealing with Hell's bulls*** in Bayonetta 3
TC is trying way too hard. You have to be more subtle with your initial trolling effort, then let it escalate. Look at what saLUEtes does and copy him. - arleas

User Info: Knightdog89

3 months ago#45
MatPat of Game Theory on Youtube actually collected a lot of data on which characters people were most interested in playing as prior to the game coming out. He found a correlation in which players in countries such as Spain, Mexico, and Argentina were more likely to pick Castlevania charatcers than players in other countries. The common trait in those countries is that Catholicism is more popular and widespread than average. In other words, Catholic gamers like Caslevania more and are unlikely to be offended by it.

The more likely group to be offended are probably nongamers who may not understand that the crosses and such were in the game for the purpose of fighting vampires and other figures generally depicted as evil from a religious standpoint. This is the group who thinks we're all going to Hell anyway for playing violent games in the first place. (Their opinion that this would apply to Smash Bros, not mine.) They generally don't educate themselves on specific games unless you tell them and it will probably take them a few weeks to get wind of Castlevania characters beating people up with crosses.

I have had one encounter with a person like this who took offense to the idea of Pokémon evolving (nevermind the process is closer to metamorphosis) and took the opportunity to tell me that evolution isn't real and I should be looking for Jesus, not wild Pokémon.

Disclaimer: I have no issue with people who want to practice their chosen religion so long as they do not try to force their specific beliefs on me or try to dictate what I do for fun in my spare time.
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  3. I'm surprised there's no outrage over the belmont's religious attacks.
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