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  3. I'm surprised there's no outrage over the belmont's religious attacks.

User Info: Blue-Lemon-Z

3 months ago#1
He throws holy water, throws a cross, gives lashes, and his final smash summons holy crucifixes to destroy his opponent's dead body in a casket.

Meh, nothing extreme. But imagine if this was the 90's.
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User Info: Beers

3 months ago#2
Why would that cause outrage?
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User Info: LonkyKang

3 months ago#3
No, leave u leftist outraged garbage

User Info: Chrebet808

3 months ago#4
thats not a cross, its a boomerang
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User Info: Droodle

3 months ago#5
Beers posted...
Why would that cause outrage?

Nintendo is weird sometimes. For example they censored biblical references in XC 2 when it was pretty tame.

User Info: Pirate_Arrows

3 months ago#6
Old conservatives stopped caring about videogames. Now it's young liberals who are f***ing stuff up for the rest of us.
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User Info: Punkachu98

3 months ago#7
I can't imagine being outraged about it. I'm not catholic, but it doesn't seem like anything Simon or Richter does is anti-catholic, or even disrespectful or irreverent.
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User Info: Silver79

3 months ago#8
It's not like he’s taunting and saying ”Christianity is the only real religion”. So, who the hell cares what it throws.

Seriously, people nowadays need to grow some balls. It’s just a f***ing game. Stop making everything politically correct. It doesn’t f***ing matter.
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User Info: fate311

3 months ago#9
Beers posted...
Why would that cause outrage?

If people can get the whole feather bit censored I'd figure that'd be a potential line of debate. Thankfully it's not.
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  3. I'm surprised there's no outrage over the belmont's religious attacks.
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