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  3. I just 100% WoL on hard and I have some tips to share

User Info: DiduXD

5 months ago#221
That must have been fun.
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User Info: alecfisker

5 months ago#222
Graigman posted...
Yes you start with everything unlocked

Confirmed great guidelines
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User Info: Jia Baoyu

Jia Baoyu
4 months ago#223
I finally 100% WOL on Hard the other day. Thanks to you and all of the other generous souls on this board for your advice that made it possible!

User Info: zebatov

4 months ago#224
That grammar and punctuation, though.
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User Info: CarrieChan

3 months ago#226

That link in post #225 by @GameOFwar looks questionable. Not gonna click until that poster explains it.
I wish all the posts about sakurai putting a gun to peoples heads wete stickied
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User Info: CarrieChan

3 months ago#228


terrabranford64 posted...
I wish all the posts about sakurai putting a gun to peoples heads wete stickied


User Info: Pas5wordFAQ

3 months ago#229
Cool topic. There are many great posts. Something for everyone. I am going to try three of the strategies I read about here.
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User Info: Errorraptor

3 months ago#230
For anyone who wants to go spiritless (and no skill tree), use Chrom or Ike for most 1v1 spirit battles and use Aether, but it will require some timing. Early game, Kirby is really good to use and can pull off a final cuter Kirbycide. As for bosses, I used Marth for most of them where I camp/countered against Galleom and Giga Bowser (although I did have to dodge is flame breath). Rathalos I attacked from behind and countered most of this attacks. Master Hand was generally camp/counter and expecting him to use his hand sweep.

Galeem I used Fox for both fights (Wolf with the skill tree first run on the second fight), but Olimar might also work. Crazy Hand I used Marth.

Marx I recommend either someone like Fox or Wolf (used Ike on my first run) and the same goes for Dracula (learned the hard way after using the skill tree with Chrom on my first run).

Ganon I used Chrom

Dharkon I used pre-patched Olimar (Corrin with the skill tree on the first fight and Palutena for the second with the skill tree) for both fights.

The true ending I recommend Palutena, (Dark) Pit and Olimar if you do not want to swap any fighters.

Puff can also work for Galeem and Dharkon, but it (<b GENDER AMBIGUOUS) is a little risky because one shield break means an automatic KO.

the hardest spirit battle on hard mode without the skill tree and spirits is probably Takumi because the two Pits will not just rely on their neutral special. Whispy Woods is also pretty bad and I recommend Dorf for that fight because of Warlock Punch. Dr. Wily I recommend Ike, but if you want to clear the battle as quickly as possible, then use Lucas and rely on his final smash.

Sheeda I used Chrom and a lot of luck is involved. The soaring slash cheese method still works but is less consistent. Takumi I used Chrom as well, but it might no longer work. Shanoa you have to be lucky and hope Bayo SD's. Either use Chrom and attempt to soaring slash while trying to grab the ledge or DK.

Pauline is pure luck based.

as for walk off blast zones, either use a tether grab fighter such as Spamus or ridley's space pirate rush.
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