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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#202
Based on time stamps, one or both of posts 200 and 201 were modded and not self deleted.
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User Info: Alt_Assault

1 year ago#203
Nice tips.
I’m honestly surprised that’s been a viable strategy for you.

A, you don’t need final smash for 99% of the battles in WoL as you’ll win first playing normally, and B, the only ones that will actually give you trouble are the 4 star stamina battles where final smash damage seems totally nerfed. There’s a few 4 star battles that arnt stamina that are a pain and i suppose for those final smash to oblivion is a viable strategy.

Honestly with with 4 star battles i find my go to set up ends up being bowser/DK w/ super armor, hyper smash, and the third slot a flux depending on the battle (usually increased shield damage for an easy KO once it breaks). You’ll lose a bunch of times from the computer input reading and perfect shielding, but for the most part it can’t deal with reading the unflinching smashes from heavy armor and you’ll eventually win

User Info: fate311

1 year ago#205
I will say this much. for giant/heavy characters that seem to not die on non-stamina fights characters like Zelda/Ridley/etc are great since at 100% their final smashes instantly terminate the target. Fights like Dark Emperor and whatnot.
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User Info: blues 3

blues 3
1 year ago#206
I just 100%'d on Hard Mode. I ran into this sticky halfway through and just kept playing the same way.

Here's a tip if you're having an issue winning a stamina battle. Get the skills/spirits for Fast Final Smash and Double Final Smash then pick Peach/******, eating all of the drops should bring you back to full health, and if not, you get to do it twice AND you get one free hit on the enemy!
Great tips, but if you want to clear stuff FAST, here are your priorities instead:

Avoid very tough fights. You can go back for them later. Focus on getting your best spirits to 99 asap and smash the easy stuff to make progress.

Get your favorite heavyweight (mine is Dedede, DK and bowser are fine too) and focus on getting stuff in the skill tree and spirits to enhance smash attacks. (Like Victini)

Get Giant, and never look back (mostly). First Mother Brain (after being enhanced) with one slot, then Medusa (also after being enhanced) with 2, which lets you get your lava / poison / wind / whatever immunity in there while still being giant. Being the wrong spirit type will hardly matter, you can 1, 2, or 3 shot basically any non legend battle, and even some of those.

The ones you can't? Either still go giant, and count on the advantage you gain from the alpha strike to win, or go skull kid (enhanced) for life steal, and add in auto heal, and be patient. I've got faster final smash (I have all skills after all), but even against The Boss et all I win too fast to ever trigger it. Giant is seriously OP with a heavyweight.

Final note, for Ganon specifically and to a lesser extent other bosses, use a teleporter such as fox with his side B. It is just SO much easier it's ridiculous.

Hope that helps someone!

User Info: samurai goroh

samurai goroh
1 year ago#208
I think this is a good time to post this, I had recollected some of the most frequent questions for this mode, so here it goes (and yes it contains spoilers):

- How long is the game?
On your first game, you might take somewhere around 30-40 hours to beat the game fully (100%), but once you have strong Spirits and/or play on a New Game+, this can be reduced to around 9-12 hours, AND even less if you only want to beat it (any%)

- What difficulty should I play?
The game tells you that if you play it on higher difficulty you get "more rewards". While this is true, as you get more money (SP points & coins), you'll take longer to beat the game, with no real bonus (well, you might be able to see more enemy attacks normally it didn't).

It's better to unlock New Game+ on easy and then redo the game, allowing you to max the skill points tree (for the Board achievement) and get SP by dismissing repeated Spirits.

- Where can I unlock Hard difficulty, mine goes up to Normal?
Update your game from version 1.0 to 1.1.0 or higher

- Are spirits shared between files?

- Which path should I take in the Starting Area? (vs. Marth, Sheik or Villager)
You can take any of them, as once you progress you can unlock these paths from completing a dungeon or by walking from the other side

- Should I summon a spirit?
Some summons can be encountered in this mode (World of Light), so you might waste money on a spirit you can get on this mode. Here's the list of duplicates:
Ashley, Boss Galaga, Cranky Kong, Dark Emperor, Dr. Eggman, Dunban, Eggplant Wizard, Elline, Fi, Fierce Deity Link, Flying Man, Frog & Snake, General Pepper, Geno, Gold Bone, Gray Fox, Guile, Hewdraw, Ho-Oh, Isaac, Landia, M. Bison, Madama Butterfly, Mallow, Metal Gear REX, Monita, Pak E. Derm, Pegasus Sisters, Polar Bear, Reaper & Reapette, Roger the Potted Ghost, Sheriff, Slippy Toad, Tails, Tiki, Tingle, Twinbellows, Viridi, Yuga.

- What spirits unlock obstacles in the map?
Bridges: Cyrus & Reese, Bord & Cord & Barst, Gutsman
Rocks: Bomberman, Bomb Man, Poppy Bros. Jr., Mouser, Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Computer Terminal: MegaMan.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE, Hal Emmerich, Susie
Plants (Mushroom, Beanstalk): Viridi, Lip, Kamek, Kammy Koopa
Great Fox: Slippy Toad, ROB 64
Wild Goose (Racecar): Pico
Boat: Kapp'n
Bus: Kapp’n (Wild World)
Ocean: Lapras
Train: Alfonzo & Engineer Link
Rainbow: Ho-oh

- Are dojos useful?
Some of them are, the most important one is the Demon Style Dojo (High Offense - Low Defense), which prioritizes attack power, and that will allow you to go all out for a quick finish. Some other dojos have affinity to other styles of playing, so be sure to check them all (there are 14+1 in total)

- What about the skills?
Metal is great, for 1 slot you will have a good offense & defense for some time. Giant is another good one, but this time it costs 2 slots.

- Does the Skill Tree stack with abilities?

- Can I start a New Game+ in a different file?
You can choose which file to start this mode (once unlocked), which mean you can either start on a new file or overwrite your old file.

- How do I get 100%?
You must get 615 spaces cleared and 73 fighters awakened

- Does everything counts for 100%?
No, treasures do not count. However, take note that there is an enemy in the Temple of Light (where you find Pit) that looks like one (Mimicutie).
Skill Tree also does not count, but there is an achievement for it.
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User Info: samurai goroh

samurai goroh
1 year ago#209
- How can I see the percentage of my file?
Beat the game
You can calculate it too: (Spaces Cleared x 100) / 615 and round down to 2 decimals

- I fought Galeem or Dharkon first, can I still get 100%?
Yes, just fight the other (or to be safe, both) and it will count, same goes if you got the real ending first (beating their teamwork)

- I have finished the game but I'm not at 100%, what did I missed?
Awake all 73 fighters
Unlock all 24 masters (1 Gym, 3 Explore zones, 15 Dojos & 5 Stores)
Check if every Dungeon/Mini World has a star next to it, note that in sub-areas with multiple maps this does not help)
Move your camera using the right control stick and browse paths, note that spirits cannot be seen in the zoomed out mode.
Beat Mimicutie in the Temple of Light (Palutena's map)
Press all switches inside the Base (Metal Gear's map)
Finish Kirby's Race on all 3 places
Destroy all ghost in Dracula's Castle (Richter)
Set clock in Sacred Land to both 4:40 & 12:10
Get all 3 endings (Light wins, Dark wins, You win)

- How to get more Skill Spheres?
Skill Spheres are sometimes sold at Shops in World of Light, alternative, you can start a New Game+ and the skill tree will carry

- What percentage should I have before beating Galeem?
377 spaces cleared and 42 fighters awakened (378 after beating him)

- What percentage should I have before beating Dharkon?
557 spaces cleared and 69 fighters awakened (558 after beating him)

- What percentage should I have before beating Agents of Light/Dark?
604 spaces cleared and 71 fighters awakened

- Can I replay the level where I get to fight as the Master Hand?
No, once you beat it is gone.
Of course if you have save data cloud backup (need to pay for online service), you can keep a save and load it over and over.

- In the Mysterious Dimension, when I have to choose Whispy Wood or Scarfy, which option should I take?
Both are correct options, so you can go for either. Order is not important in any of these kinds of questions, so you can answer wrong and nothing bad will happen.

- Can I play with Piranha Plant or other DLC in this mode?
At the moment only PP is out, but you can use him as a fighter if you have awakened at least 10 fighters, then a message will appear letting you know you can now use such character.

- Are there any WoL exclusive enhance-able spirits?
Yes, there are 2 of them:
347. Marx -> 348. Marx (True Form)
1075. Dracula -> 1076. Soma Cruz

- How can I beat Pauline?
Have a spirit with 3 slots (preferable Grab type, Lv 99) with "Staff Equipped", "Shooting Items ↑", & "Shooting Attack ↑". Just climb the ladder on the left and shoot for afar for a good hit, hit her another time and you'll beat Peach in seconds.
Im the best in the universe! Just remember! [F-zero X]


1 year ago#210
samurai goroh posted...
- In the Mysterious Dimension, when I have to choose Whispy Wood or Scarfy, which option should I take?
Both are correct options, so you can go for either. Order is not important in any of these kinds of questions, so you can answer wrong and nothing bad will happen.

Answering wrong will make you miss out on a chest with currency inside (mostly SP). Nothing big, but worth pointing out.
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