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User Info: Radbot42

3 months ago#1
His recovery is still s*** and tearing through the corner of the stage isn't reliable

A lot of his moves feel very different, but not for an improvement
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User Info: Valshier

3 months ago#2
I miss his old forward smash but the rest feel potentially better. Especially the up smash.

User Info: Brownstone

3 months ago#3
Not sure about that. He has a worse recovery, bair and f-smash, but that's it. His ground and air speed were buffed, his f-tilt is ridiculous, his fair, nair and upair are much better, his dash attack is league better, his laser does 8% damage now, etc. He looks way better on stage, but a little worse off stage. He is at least mid tier.

User Info: TG_Wolf

3 months ago#4
Everything about him was improved several times over.

His F-Smash while less powerful is lagless and one of the fastest in the game, allowing for heavy damage with little risk.

His Bair is one of the strongest kill moves, the sweet-spot is devastating.

His Blaster is fast, stuns and does 8%. 'Nuff said.

The sweet-spot on his Side-B does insane damage and extends its range.

Everyone automatically considers recovery terrible if it isn't like Villager/Isabelle. Well NO-ONE'S RECOVERY IS AS GOOD AS THAT AND EVEN THEIRS SHOULDN'T BE.

I'm hoping for a severe nerf to their recovery that removes a balloon every time it is used and at 1 balloon it provides very little recovery.
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User Info: Arcanine2009

3 months ago#5
Haven't unlocked him yet, but I saw the nerf with up b... That was totally unnecessary.
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User Info: Havic101

3 months ago#6
Speaking of Wolf's recovery, his Up B is also an extremely strong kill move and is also very safe to throw out due to having very little endlag if it's used to dash across or near the ground.

User Info: Nergigante

3 months ago#7
"It's different so it's worse" - TC

He's literally TONS better. Speaking as a Wolf main. Stop playing him like in Brawl and maybe learn his new changes. Up B is a strong move that can kill if used as an actual attack, ftilt is super good, fsmash is super safe, bair, while nerfed, has a sweetspot that's actually really good, nair is super good, side B spikes super early (actually METEORS), dash attack is super good, up tilt is good, up smash also good, blaster is stronger and stuns and has a pushback up front, etc.

Stop playing him like his Brawl self. He's reworked. And not bad at all.
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User Info: Lm03

3 months ago#8
ok, Wolf is definately not bad but, he clearly need some QoL changes, and to me, his recovery is the thing they need they need to fix the most.

the only thing i would suggest is making Side B not putting you in freefall once you use it.

its kinda embarrasing that you can Side B off the stage as Little Mac but not as Wolf.

on a slightly separate note, the VA seriously needs to fix that Down Taunt lol.

User Info: Angel_Arle

3 months ago#9
I haven't played him at all tbh.
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User Info: BosSBaer

3 months ago#10
Wolf is worse
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