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  3. I wish the stages we're unlockable

User Info: Arcanine2009

3 months ago#1
At least half of them if not 75%. It's just so overwhelming to look through them all.

It makes no sense to lock all but the original 8 characters, but keep the stages all completely unlocked. I do agree that more characters should have been more unlocked from the beginning, but so should the stages. We'd get to play and experiment with a bunch at a time.
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User Info: 9Cirno9

3 months ago#2
I agree.
I love unlocking things.
8 characters and 8 stages. That's what I wanted.
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User Info: xbs2034

3 months ago#3
I would have traded some stages (maybe have the four new stages and then ones which were default in title they first appeared available) for more characters, but given how they went they needed to have the stages available IMO. I would say the first couple hours until I got to at least 13 characters (unlocking Sonic, K Rool, Bowser, Peach, and Bayonetta) were kinda boring, and without the stages available there would have been even less variety over that starting period.

User Info: Punkachu98

3 months ago#4
Nah, I'm glad it's the way it is.
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  3. I wish the stages we're unlockable
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