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  3. Is Smash 4 dead and irrelevant to you at this point?

User Info: Triforceformer

3 months ago#41
Basically yes. All the stuff that is missing is stuff I do not care about anymore or only played once/hit the sandbag with Ganondorf.

Custom Specials should not be mourned.
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User Info: Megatonez

3 months ago#42
Not yet, I still have some challenges to get on the 3ds version.
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User Info: CommodoreConn

3 months ago#43
Kind of. I don't see many reasons to go back to 4. I'll keep it around though.
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User Info: Lagfile

3 months ago#44
Smash 4 has been dead for me for about a year. Stale gameplay focused on defensive aspects and stupid grab combos. Not to mention that sometimes, you can't even tech some moves due to the spinning animation or getting hit due to being close to the stage, along with its lack of techniques to increase movement and the RCO glitch (a glitch that if you're hit during some recovery move, you carry that lag until the next landing).

Brawl was bad too, but at least it has somewhat of a single player. Smash 4 is terrible there too.
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User Info: CuterChihuahua2

3 months ago#45
Has been since the beginning.
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User Info: RaiseDaishi

3 months ago#46
kamikaze135 posted...
What does Smash 4 have that Ultimate doesn't?

Run up + shield, also more doge spam.

User Info: darklink67

3 months ago#47
Yes there is literally no reason to go back and play it unless you don't have a switch I guess.

User Info: Derald_Snyder

3 months ago#48
Already cashed in my 3DS copy.
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User Info: SilentDarkway

3 months ago#49
CuterChihuahua2 posted...
Has been since the beginning.

User Info: comperko

3 months ago#50
Yes. Everything smash 4 has ultimate has too + a lot more. Theres no reason to ever go back.
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