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  3. Look at this 1/10 Smash 64 review from 1999...lol

User Info: Reverted_Pikkon

3 months ago#61
thissite22 posted...
Why would you waste your time scouring the Internet for reviews of a 20-year-old game?

Do other gamers not do this ever? Every now and then I think of a game I like and go back and read reviews written at the time just to see what their standards were back then. It's really interesting honestly.

User Info: Blayshy

3 months ago#62
Cybersai posted...
Lankyizhere posted...
This is gold in written form.

Ironically the way he writes sounds a lot like some of the users on here today when they complain about Ultimate.


18 years later, nothing changes.
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User Info: Gin_Devil

3 months ago#63
Wonder if it's the same guy that runs this site.


Both have the same name (and it seems he does the reviews).
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User Info: toadfan64

3 months ago#64
AMicrowave posted...
toadfan64 posted...
AMicrowave posted...
toadfan64 posted...
AMicrowave posted...
toadfan64 posted...
I think I still have my 3/10 review for Wind Waker somewhere from back in 2005, lol.

I need to see this

It is written AWFUL, but if I can find it, I’ll post it.

Still not a fan of the game, but man was it a terrible review.

grabs popcorn, oh boy I can't wait

This review is embarrassing as f***, but here ya go. I was like 11/12 I believe when I wrote this.

“i aint no big zelda fan but this is no good for a zelda game,i mean link does not even look like link.there is no good thing about this game.don't get me started about the graphics they stink i mean who would want polygon graphics not me the gameplay why would they have link as a pirate it makes no sense now if you want a good zelda game get majora mask or ocerina of time noe they are good zelda games.so stay away from this game and get something else,you wount be sorry.DON'T BUY THIS GAME! DON'T BUY THIS GAME!”

I gave it a 4/10

oh my, you didn't want polygons, and then you say play majora's mask or ocarina of time

I don't think I knew what to call the cartoony graphics at the time, lol.
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