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User Info: Ifrit19

3 months ago#21
UnwipedPooStain posted...
Ifrit19 posted...
Grabbing it from Gamestop tomorrow in the afternoon. Doesn't even matter what time i get it though because it's (along with Monster Hunter Generations) my Christmas present to myself lol so i won't be playing it for another 18-19 days (too busy with another game right now anyway).

What game?

Game I'm playing? Valkyria Revolution (spin off of the Valkyria Chronicles series, playing 2 as well when i don't feel like playing on home console). Ya the game has a pretty bad rap from the main series' fans but it's a mostly decent jrpg. Granted if i look at it objectively it'd fall into the mediocre category and be a 5 or 6/10 game.

The game's negative reactions mainly comes from the fact it changed it from a tactical, turn based 3rd person shooter to a more generic hack and slash jrpg, i like the main Chronicles series more but Revolution is fairly solid as well...it also has a lot of dialogue (easily a sequence of scenes that last 5 to 10 minutes at a time before the next battle) which can turn people off as well (i like it though but that's probably more due to the fact i like the jrpg genre more for the stories than gameplay). They also changed the art style a bit from the CANVAS to the GAUCHE game engine which was about the only real complaint i had because i love the main series' art style. Skill system was also incredibly grindy as well and rng focused which is another thing i'm not a fan of. The story however was mostly solid, with the only real issue being the character animations in some cutscenes were a bit stiff (but not really a story issue but a game engine one). Also whether it was a good thing or not since the cast is much smaller the game still has Perma death in it if downed enemies aren't saved in time (in Chronicles you get 2 to 3 turns to save them in Revolution you get about 1 minute, with each revive decreasing the time the next time they're downed).

Here's a comparison video for the combat between the Chronicles main series (most games play this way with some additions added to 2 (psp), 3 (on psp, never localized), and 4 (all current consoles and PC)) and the Revolution escort title:

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (on all current consoles and PC, originally released on ps3):

Vakyria Revolution (PS4, Xbox1, PC):

I tried to pick videos that were short, had no story spoilers, and where the players took advantage of the majority of the game's systems the most however that did lead to a few issues (mainly being i couldn't find any that used the English voice acting since it seems many people that are good and stream just prefer JPN dub and in order to show off almost all features of the combat system their equipment was a bit busted leading to enemies being stomped on, usually (unless you're really really good) the enemies do a bit more damage than this).

Overall Chronicles has a far more technical system to it wile Revolution has some tactical aspects (mainly in what types of alchemy you want your party to bring since they can be very strong and buff stats or what secondary weapons (various types of guns like rifles, machine guns, snipers, and rocket launchers as well as multiple grenade types like the normal frag grenade, flash grenade, electrical grenades that render tanks immobile and increase chance to paralyze enemies, smoke grenades, and so on). And on it's action front it's not really that deep either because the entire combo you see is initiated by 1 button (X) press.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 just released on all consoles not too long ago too (September 27th) and so far it's my favorite game of this year (even with great rpgs like Dragonquest 11 and Octopath Traveler)..

User Info: Collat

3 months ago#22
EffectAndCause posted...
Unga bunga, ooga booga, me still use physical media.
Switch is the only system I still buy anything physical for. Blame the pathetic drive they put in the thing.

User Info: GrooseKirby

3 months ago#23
waiting until 2019

I blew all of my money on PS4 stuff for black friday
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User Info: Ifrit19

3 months ago#24
GrooseKirby posted...
waiting until 2019

I blew all of my money on PS4 stuff for black friday


K but just a friendly reminder, Plant stops being free on January 31st if i'm right (may need to recheck the website just to be safe though). Note if you buy physical you must register the code by/before said date or the code expires. It then (if i'm reading the instructions right) gives you a code by email within 10 days or so that will expire later in the year June 30,2019 11:59pm (according to the Plant info on the main website).

So unless you don't want Plant I'd start saving to grab it before the promotion ends to get her for free. She'll be released later as well but will need to be bought.

Honestly i probably would've waited later for the game (because i don't really want to buy online now in it's current state...think more can be added to it but may con my bro into getting Online for me for Christmas while i get him Megaman11 (hope that's the one he wanted lol)) if it wasn't for the fact that i can get plant for free now and i'm pretty sure the game will be fun for the most part.

Here's the link for the info:

User Info: BlissfulPoison

3 months ago#25
Both--digital for me and the Switch Combo for my kid brother. It's one of the few things that's givin' me the warm fuzziest this Winter.
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User Info: HackedDragonite

3 months ago#26
Neither because I have things that I need to get done.

User Info: cHickzc

3 months ago#27
I plan on playing tomorrow afternoon, after my final. It's coming in the mail from Amazon.

User Info: toadfan64

3 months ago#28

I'll never spend $60 for a game that I don't own. I don't mind doing it for VC games, but I'm not buying digital ever for new releases, and especially Nintendo ones.
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User Info: MechaFlo

3 months ago#29
Physical. Dedicate 14 gigs of space to one game? No thanks.

User Info: Sumdud_

3 months ago#30
Digital baby.

See y’all at midnight!
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