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  3. Are you downloading Smash or Midnight release?

User Info: Edavy89

3 months ago#11
Midnight release for me. It's going to be my two daughters first time doing a midnight release, and Smash is a special Nostalgia case for me.

User Info: felica

3 months ago#12
I normally go Physical but im going digital just so i can play this at 12 midnight with my friends. Even avoided saving 12$ with a preorder deal a couple days ago.
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User Info: fordgtfast

3 months ago#13
Took the physical copy home today
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User Info: Collat

3 months ago#14
No midnight release here and I'm pretty sure digital activates by eastern time. May as well pick it up tomorrow.

User Info: blissfuldissona

3 months ago#15
Both. I got the fighter pass and a digital, plus a physical copy for my wife(I wanted the poster)plus a copy for a friend(wanted the coin lol)
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User Info: EffectAndCause

3 months ago#16
Unga bunga, ooga booga, me still use physical media.


User Info: mashdots

3 months ago#17
Tomorrow when it delivers to my work. Prime perks let me pay $10 less.
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User Info: TheMindGamer

3 months ago#18

User Info: Pizza22

3 months ago#19

User Info: WeskerTeam

3 months ago#20
I downloaded it and I'm going to play at midnight. Super pumped.
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