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User Info: SirJuicius

2 months ago#1
Feel free to share yours below, good and bad:

“King K Rool will never be in Smash”

The guy who was gonna eat feces if Isaac wasn’t revealed in the September Direct

The Grinch Leak

The port debate

Incineroar/Bowsette fan art


Piranha Plant outrage

Feather removal outrage

Spirits hype vs the reaction after it was revealed
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User Info: EliteV

2 months ago#2
Creating X character celebration topic before a direct
More versions of Mega Man for Smash Ultimate! Ray 01 too!
I support Shadow the Hedgehog for Smash Ultimate!

User Info: Shieldlesscap

2 months ago#3
im not frothingslosh i dont even knowed who the f*** that is
Official Captain Falcon and Frothingslosh of the Smash Ultimate board
(And also just generally a really stylish Falcon main)

User Info: Squidiot

2 months ago#4
Iconic camera angle

Aloner's mental breakdown


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User Info: Punkachu98

2 months ago#5
I gotta say
Official Charizard of the SmUsh board!
I was grinched by the grinch leak. And I'm not ashamed.

User Info: TalesofLizalfos

2 months ago#6
My frequent s***ty polls.

Board Roster topic.

Golem25 posts.

Grinch Leak topics.

Senzubeanking posts.

GiornoPizzaTime posts.
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User Info: Yuri_Hakada

2 months ago#7
Me throughly believing that Banjo will be revealed at TGA's when I know fully well it will be any character but. oh wait
Banjo-Kazooie will 99% be playable and anyone who disagrees can @ me

User Info: ToaSteelix

2 months ago#8
Shieldlesscap posted...
im not frothingslosh i dont even knowed who the f*** that is

I actually threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this.
"Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?" Official(?) R.O.B. of the Smash Ultimate boards.

User Info: Limberg

2 months ago#9
Memoryman leaving the board and Daisy getting confirmed shortly after

User Info: 1499

2 months ago#10
The Grinch Leak is real, and I’m hosting the afterparty!!
Official Richter Belmont of the Smash Ultimate Board. https://i.imgtc.com/WG29OED.gif
Fool me once, strike one. But fool me TWICE... strike three.
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