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User Info: toadfan64

2 months ago#41
It was fun. Not as fun as the Brawl release days, but it was better than the Smash 4 ones.

Definitely more hostile, but hey, that's part of the fun.
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User Info: scraadin

2 months ago#42
The first two Directs were amazing, the November Direct not so much.

I spent a lot of time rewatching Everyone is Here reaction videos because they were just so wholesome.

Overall, there was too much downtime between major infodumps, and this board turned toxic every time.

I think 4 actually had the best hype cycle, while Brawl’s overshared and then got killed by the delay. And I think each hype cycle since Brawl has been built around trying to avoid that fate.
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User Info: GrooseKirby

2 months ago#43
It was a fun ride honestly. All of the shenanigans surrounding the Grinch leak were great and Chibi's s***post topics were some of the most hilarious things I've seen in a while. I was also laughing my ass off when Luminozero was spamming that Isaac wall of text everywhere before as if there was no way Isaac could possibly be anything other than playable and then he was revealed as an AT with Black Knight appearing shorty afterwards saying "Know your place!"
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User Info: Shawj777

2 months ago#44
this has been my first smash pre-release era; I loved it. It was great to see everything unfold, to see Vergeben hailed as a prophet
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User Info: Ohmygosh_Josh

2 months ago#46
It’s been a wild ride, and it’s finally over (it’s alrwdy out here in Australia), can’t believe it..

My favourite part of this journey was definitely when people were debating whether Vergeben or LOZ were the real deal. Ahhhh, good times... Oh, and the Mickey Mouse leak - that was crazy.

Even though this place is a toxic chemical factory, I have fond memories of this place... onto the next Smash!
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User Info: Punkachu98

2 months ago#47
DEMOHARDT posted...
It was hell. Was part of a Hell group on FB too.

And I loved it. The wars. The trash. I will miss all of it.

I got banned twice. And it was worth it.

I love every part of this post.
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User Info: senokpersonnel

2 months ago#48
i liked posting this gif and summoning roblox despacito spiders.

you reposted in the wrong hill zone.
e: despacito spider. https://i.imgtc.com/tJ91zGU.gif
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