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User Info: 7NATOR

7 months ago#1
So Background hints have been a Thing that Sakurai has been leaving. The Barrel and ladders from the E3 Room hinted at King K.Rool and the Weirdly Colored Furniture from the August Direct Hinted At Isabelle, and it seems like we might have another one


Notice the vases Next to the cubes (which also might be hinting at Sora). There are 3 green ones and 1 Clear/White one. This Color of the vases actually goes hand and hand with another theory I’ve been thinking about. The Color of the vases, how many vases there are, and with a rumored General/Mini Direct coming in November, and an important date coming for the character that this theory (and the other theory I’ve been working on) is based on, I’ve come to a Conclusion

The vases are a reference to Shadow the Hedgehog



There being 4 vases references the infamous “Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald” Meme that comes from the Shadow the Hedgehog Game. Green being a prominent color is because The Green Chaos Emerald is Very Associated with Shadow the Hedgehog (even his AT uses it)

The White Vase also is interesting because On the level the Infamous “Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald” Cutscene comes from, you actually collect a White Chaos Emerald (if you do the Neutral Path)

This also goes hand in hand with the fact that Next Thursday is the anniversary of Shadow The Hedgehog’s North American Release. This wouldn’t be the first time a Newcomer was revealed on a NA Anniversary date...Little Mac was the Same way

Basically this theory is suggesting that Sakurai “Forgot” a character and that Shadow is actually in the game. Shadow would make Smash History as the First Smash Fighter to also be an Assist at the same time

Feel Free to give thoughts

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

7 months ago#2
Oh s*** is that a Sonic reference.

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User Info: Muffinz0rz

7 months ago#3
7NATOR posted...
with a rumored General/Mini Direct coming in November

lol wat
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User Info: Thunder84

7 months ago#4
Jesus Christ what did I just read

User Info: Reno_Ragestar

7 months ago#5
There's a 0% chance of this happening.

User Info: 1337star

7 months ago#6
Calling it now, in a couple years' time 7NATOR will be the next Michaellol/Memoryman. I see camping outside Nintendo's HQ with a Shadow sign in your future.
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User Info: AquariumGravel

7 months ago#7
"Hey Hey Hey!"

User Info: senokpersonnel

7 months ago#8
wow 7nator talking about shadow didnt see that coming.
you reposted in the wrong hill zone.
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User Info: LanceBombardier

7 months ago#9
Because the chair theory predicted a playable skull ki-

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User Info: 7NATOR

7 months ago#10
LanceBombardier posted...
Because the chair theory predicted a playable skull ki-


Cause it wasn't for Skull Kid, but it was for Isabelle, looking in Hindsight

These Vases seem to specific to be anyone but Shadow, at least of the top of my head
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