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  3. Vergeben now that Nintendo is choosing the DLC, what about the Square rep?

User Info: blargargy

10 months ago#11
No-where is it implied that Nintendo wants 'less third party reps'

In fact, the opposite could be construed from Sakurai's ambiguous words. Nintendo may have struck deals with certain companies, which is why 'it's out of Sakurai's hands'; at least, you'd think if it were just Nintendo characters Sakurai could choose from there wouldn't be a lot of restriction (not if Piranha Plant has anything to say about it). Like really, if Nintendo is wanting to utilize DLC strictly for promoting their own games do you think they'd have let Piranha Plant slide as their pre-order incentive character?
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User Info: Cybersai

10 months ago#12

User Info: Cybersai

10 months ago#13
@Vergeben can you weight in on this

User Info: ChibiGrincher

10 months ago#14
Vergie, are we there yet?

User Info: CrazyDiamondSP

10 months ago#15
Cybersai posted...
@Vergeben Sakurai said Nintendo chose the DLC.

How does this impact the Square rep? It sounded like Nintendo wants little to no third parties this time. Unless it's Geno, the Square rep would be from a non-Nintendo game.



Yet another cybersai topiX in which he comes to half assed conclusions with 0 proof whatsoever, he event took it up a notch by @ing verge LOL, move along folks.
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10 months ago#16
Nes_Mettaur posted...
Cybersai posted...
GrooseKirby posted...
BrerOswald posted...
Where are people getting this little to no third parties thing from?

Thank you. Sakurai said that Nintendo chose them, not that all of the characters belonged to Nintendo.

They're unlikely going for third party picks over their own
This new stuff with Nintendo does line up with what Vergeben's said a few times, though.

It's always been Nintendo talking to other companies. Not Sora Ltd. or anything.
Might not guarantee characters (i.e. Katalina) but the idea that Nintendo went around leaving a ton of open avenues for third-party Smash DLC down the line doesn't sound too farfetched.

Plus, we know that Nintendo have talked to Bethesda and Microsoft (with evidence for there being multiple conversations with the latter). While they might not get a rep from every company that they talk to on this initial (and possibly only) wave, it's worth making connections as a way of building their brand.

User Info: Cybersai

10 months ago#17

User Info: Jetsurge

10 months ago#18
where could he be?
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User Info: KNOX614

10 months ago#19
Jetsurge posted...
where could he be?

Away from here and this crazy fanbase
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10 months ago#20
Friendly reminder that the Verge has tagging disabled. (This ain't Beetlejuice, he isn't gonna pop up if you say his name a certain number of times.)

The only way he's going to look at this thread is if he happens to be lurking while it's near the top of the list of active topics. So keep it afloat, I say.
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