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  3. Social experiment. How many of u are lonely

User Info: DeZAniceguy

4 months ago#1
Answer honestly - Results (312 votes)
33.33% (104 votes)
Yes but i have friends here
8.65% (27 votes)
13.14% (41 votes)
No. I have friends here
11.54% (36 votes)
No and i dont want friends here
33.33% (104 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: Angel_Arle

4 months ago#2
I have no friends IRL. I'm lonely and depressed as hell.
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User Info: ThePuff27

4 months ago#3
I never had friends irl until recently but I still feel very detached from the world
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User Info: Duwangboi

4 months ago#4
~push me to the edge,all my friends dead~
"Ah! The battle of the puppets! World War 5!"

User Info: Eat_Cow

4 months ago#5
Yeah I'm lonely as hell. It's a major cause of my depression and anxiety. I wasn't hugged enough as a child
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User Info: firedoom666

4 months ago#6
Nope, I have a bunch of brothers I hang out with all the time, and a good group of friends

Really the only thing socially I want different is to start dating, but that is on me for not having the courage to initiate contact on dating website
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User Info: 9Cirno9

4 months ago#7
I don't really have any friends.
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User Info: Bermast

4 months ago#8
Where's the simple "no" option? :P

User Info: Kokiburi

4 months ago#9
Nope, work abroad in Japan living with my boyfriend and work as a video game translator so I always have someone near me of equal nerdiness to talk to/ play games with

User Info: Alligamer76

4 months ago#10
I am quite lonely but I'll be dead in the next few years so hey.
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