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User Info: Emmy_Altava

5 months ago#11
Any franchise that does not currently have one.

Golden Sun foremost, but Rhythm Heaven should also have one, and I wouldn't complain if I could get something like Chibi-Robo, etc. too.

User Info: ThePuff27

5 months ago#12
Skullkid4smash posted...
Ranticoot posted...
Skullkid4smash posted...
DorayakiQs posted...
Uh... ever since when :"Super Mario RPG" is a name for a new series? Don't tell me that "Mario Tennis" and "Mario&Luigi Supersaga" are also new series.

Well Geno isn't exactly a Mario Character.

he's a mario character

he doesn't get special treatment just because his game doesn't have a sequel

Square owns him. He isn't really a Mario Character. Idk just depends on how you look at it.

He's a Mario character that belongs to Square
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