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  3. Choose a company that you could only get third party reps from that's in smash.

User Info: Someguy1006

4 months ago#1
Choose a company. - Results (135 votes)
13.33% (18 votes)
11.11% (15 votes)
39.26% (53 votes)
8.15% (11 votes)
Square Enix
28.15% (38 votes)
This poll is now closed.
For example, if you choose Sega only Sega characters would be in the game as third party characters. I'm picking Capcom.
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User Info: Ranticoot

4 months ago#2

bring on snake, simon, bomberman, bill and friggin sparkster. yeah you heard me.
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User Info: Joozhuah

4 months ago#3
Picking Capcom for Dante

Sega is a close second for Tails, Shadow, and Jeanne
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User Info: Punkachu98

4 months ago#4
Square Enix for me. Love me some RPGs.

Cloud, Sora, Crono, Slime, Sephiroth, Riku, Erdrick. Bring 'em all on.
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User Info: HavocWolf

4 months ago#5
Oh, Square Enix without a doubt. They have sooo many wonderful, smash-fit characters!
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(please let Erdrick/Slime join the party)

User Info: 9Cirno9

4 months ago#6
Hatsune Miku!!!!
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User Info: GreenSerene

4 months ago#7
Capcom for more Mega Man reps

User Info: firedoom666

4 months ago#8
Capcom so we can have Megaman and Phoenix Wright

don't really want anything else from them though
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User Info: SpunkySix

4 months ago#9
Why Capcom? Sega clearly has the strongest relationship with Nintendo and the most obvious crossover material.
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User Info: BSkullX

4 months ago#10
GreenSerene posted...
Capcom for more Mega Man reps
Mega Man 11 is coming October 2nd, 2018.
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  3. Choose a company that you could only get third party reps from that's in smash.
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