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User Info: Ikanger

2 years ago#1
So at this moment my most wanted character for Smash Ultimate is Medusa. She could easily be an echo of Palutena, and even take over some of her customs! Medusa fits in really well with the villain theme. She is both female AND villain, which is an extremely sparse category on the roster as of now and would surely be great to see more of. On top of that, Medusa is one of the original Kid Icarus characters, which in my opinion automatically makes her more logical and deserving to be added to the roster over any of the other KI reps. Sure Viridi and Hades would be cool too, but I think the first next Kid Icarus spot (if there's any lol) should be reserved to Medusa. She's like the Ganondorf of that universe.

Because I would love to see her as much as I do, I actually decided to dedicate a drawing to her. It took me over 2 months to finish (didn't work on it consistently, but still). I'm hoping to at least somewhat be able to spread this into the community to create some more voice for Medusa.


Now the big question:

Would you like to see Medusa join the roster as a new villainess and a new Kid Icarus rep?

Yes or no? And maybe why yes or no?

User Info: Yurari

2 years ago#2
I'd be cool with her, I think she's the best choice for a new Kid Icarus rep, though I personally don't think it needs anything else.
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User Info: Defaze

2 years ago#3
She was actually pretty heavily requested pre-Smash 4, but I rarely see her mentioned now. I think she'd make an awesome character in her own right, but a Palutena echo would be cool to see too. A female villain would be awesome in general.

Oh, and nice drawing OP!

User Info: Kcthanagarathos

2 years ago#4
I really want her in the game tbh. I was discussing with a friend about her skeleton though, because Medusa wears a full length gown whereas Palutena wears a skirt, so idk if the animations would look right over top of Medusa. Echo fighter wouldn't be right for her imo.

However, I think Medusa could be a nice semi-clone or even her own character. We need more villains and more females and Medusa makes a great villain imo. Would much prefer her over Hades, seeing as how she's been around since the original games.
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User Info: kaliskonig

2 years ago#5
With echos being a thing she better be in. Not many great main villains left and she is one of them.
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User Info: Nexwred

2 years ago#6
I expect her at this point.
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User Info: Diane4eva

2 years ago#7
I wouldn’t mind seeing her make it in the game. Unique or echo, wouldn’t really bother me.

Nice drawing btw

User Info: Medisti

2 years ago#8
I agree it makes sense in order to preserve some of Palutena's custom moves that will disappear.

Good drawing. Those Monoeyes are freaking spot on. The Medusa face needs some work. Looks a tad misshapen, but not bad at all.

User Info: eclipse_exe

2 years ago#9
Honestly Medusa is one of those Characters I think just have to be an Echo this game.. it makes far to much sense.
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User Info: NE_OC

2 years ago#10
I agree, it would be great to have Rider in
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