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  3. 4chan leak about Dante got more credence today.

User Info: Twenty5Thousand

1 year ago#1
Here's the leak:

>There are three scenarios, one for each character with ten missions each. You can play them in any order, but Nero's is the first chronologically. Once you complete them all, you'll unlock the endgame scenario in which you play as all three in different missions.

>Vergil isn't playable in the base game, but Nero does get to use Yamato later on. Vergil will probably get a DLC expansion similar to what was done in DmC.

>"V" gives a different answer for his name each time he's asked what it stands for. He's a much more "vulnerable" character than the rest of the cast. He was an orphan adopted by Nico's family, and at a young age he discovered that he had a spiritual connection with the demon world. His tattoos are identical to Nico's as a symbol of appreciation for her raising him.

>"V" uses a magic staff or baton to summon monsters, and his different "weapons" are different classes of monsters such as demons, ghosts and angels that he recruits after defeating them in a boss fight.

>The way each character saves and upgrades is different. Dante and "V" will encounter classic DMC statues, while Nero finds hot spots where he can contact Nico.

>A training room similar to the one from DmC will be included.

>Alternate costumes make a return. Nero uses his appearance from DMC4, Dante's is completely original.

>If you hate Devil Trigger, then don't worry because Dante's battle theme is the typical Shootie HG fare. "V" has an orchestra rock styled theme.

>Here's the way dynamic music works. When you begin a battle, the song is an instrumental, and the lyrics will kick in once you raise your style ranking, followed by the chorus when you raise it even higher. At the higher rankings, the bass and instrumentation will be enhanced, at at SSS you can hear new parts of the song that aren't present normally, such as a solo or extra vocalizations. For example, the synth riff you hear in the full version of Devil Trigger.

Apparently gamescom confirmed three things on this list today, as noted by another user on 4chan.
1. How dynamic music works
2. How saving works for Nero
3. What the training room looks like.

This 4chan user later leaked the following about Smash in the same thread.

Sure thing anon. The trailer opens with a CGI of what I think is one of the Fire Emblem characters being attacked by a giant dragon. But before the attack connects, the screen goes dark and you hear the royal guard parry sound. When the video resumses they show his eyecatch (Dante Rocks Out!) and then they show his gameplay. Again, I'm not a Smash guy, so I can only say so much, but I do know my DMC. He uses his outfit and most of his weapons from 4, although I didn't see Pandora. Whenever he uses Gilgamesh the mask appears on his face, which is a nice touch. Lady is shown as an assist character, also in her DMC4 attire, she jumps in and starts firing shots everywhere. For Dante's ultimate he does a devil trigger burst, and if the aura catches them they get sucked into a cinematic combo with the style meter cranking up to Smokin Sick Style. The end of the trailer has another CGI scene where the girl he protected asks him name, only to be met with him tossing a rose at her and walking off as he gives the same salute he gave to Nero at the end of DMC4.

What do you guys think?
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User Info: Ranticoot

1 year ago#2
dante is cooler than 95% of the common suggestions going around so i'd be for it
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User Info: FinalFantasyVII

1 year ago#3
Dante is great idea

I guess they got over their unfavorable view of guns

User Info: Diane4eva

1 year ago#4
No thanks

User Info: SmashBurb

1 year ago#5
Sounds like bulls*** to me.

User Info: cmb12

1 year ago#6
Why not a resident evil character?
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User Info: Mr_Yooj

1 year ago#7
If Dante happens it would just be another One Up over PSASBR which would make me lmao even more
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User Info: Golem25

1 year ago#8
Edgy new Dante? No thanks! he's already been in PASBR too.

Old Dante? Might be cool but I'd prefer if he wasn't included really. Let's stick to Nintendo characters.
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User Info: Zra

1 year ago#9
But I like Devil Trigger. :(
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User Info: Twenty5Thousand

1 year ago#10
SmashBurb posted...
Sounds like bulls*** to me.

What makes you say that? While I'm not one to immediately believe a leak because it got a few things right, the stuff this one got correct is pretty innocuous and the way they suggest Dante's reveal doesn't sound unbelievable.
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All the tractors must die
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  3. 4chan leak about Dante got more credence today.
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