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  3. Was Black Knight kind of confirmed on last Smash Direct?

User Info: draugen666

1 year ago#1
He no longer appears on Castle Siege. Now there is just a random Red Knight on his place.
Also, Chrom is not Ike's Echo Fighter, but Roy's, which means that Black Knight might be in as Ike's Echo:


What are your thoughts about it?

User Info: JigglySmash

1 year ago#2
Wow, nice catch
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User Info: 7NATOR

1 year ago#3
I wouldn't say confirmed, but there's a likely chance he's in

User Info: MikkelGL

1 year ago#4
It would make sense if we go by the rival theme.
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User Info: DuranmanX4

1 year ago#5
Another Fire Emblem rep is unfortunately always possible

Just as Sakurai era Kirby and Kid Icarus representation is always possible
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User Info: Gargomon251

1 year ago#6
Not even close
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User Info: Toadkart

1 year ago#7
I hope so. He's in my top 10 wants.
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User Info: flygongengar

1 year ago#8
Ugh, I mean, I like the character, but we need another FE clone even less than we need another FE rep.

User Info: Lm03

1 year ago#9
i wonder who the heck was so bored he/she decided to look for every nook and cranny from the direct to find this lol.

but yea, nice catch. its kidna strange they changed that, of all things. he seems to have a slightly stronger chance of getting in.

although i personally think its too many FE characters at this point. i let Chrom get a free pass because he was shafted last smash, but yea, we have enough already lol

User Info: draugen666

1 year ago#10
Even if it is another Fire Emblem clone, I think this one would be really nice, since his design is very cool. And he got a mii outfit on Smash 4 (which also seems like a new 3d model):

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  3. Was Black Knight kind of confirmed on last Smash Direct?
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