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  3. What are your favorite and least favorite attacks in your main's arsenal?

User Info: Rethalwolf

8 months ago#1
Favorite: Bouncing Fish, insanely hard to read AND one of her few kill moves
Least Favorite: Grenade, great for edgeguarding tricks on occasion but killed myself trying to BF or Needle more times than I can count (usually due to input lag)
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User Info: mudkip72

8 months ago#2
Pika: U-Smash and Skull Bash.

Up Smash is self explanatory.
While Skull Bash can be used to recover to ledge, it risks being intercepted, and is otherwise a worthless unsafe and telegraphed attack.
Unless Pikachu has his Smash 4 custom moves because one of Skull Bash's alts is insane.

User Info: Donut007

8 months ago#3
Little Mac

Favorite: F-Tilt is a favorite of mine. It's not the best, but it's great and it's quick, kills and "one-two" is so iconic, I love that they put it in.

Least Favorite: U-Air. I don't need an explanation for this, I'm sure.
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User Info: ThePuff27

8 months ago#4
Favorite: Dair, bair, nair, stone, inhale

Least favorite: Hammer Flip (I miss the aerial hammer that Brawl Kirby had, new Hammer has too much end lag and I rarely ever use it due to how punishable it is)

Favorite: Rest (obviously), bair, nair, fair, Dash attack, up tilt (nobody knows how powerful Puff's dash attack and up tilt are, they are both kill moves)
Least favorite: Dsmash, Rollout
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User Info: plasmabeam

8 months ago#5
Favorite: F-Smash
Least favorite:B (Shield-Breaker)
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User Info: Euroliis

8 months ago#6
King Dedede

Favorite: Gordo Throw, it's great for mindgames, edgeguarding, setting up combos and doing all sorts of wacky stuff.

Least favorite: Up Throw, it's outclassed by Down Throw in nearly every aspect, except for the fact it can lead into a clean Up Air at mid-low percents. Otherwise, Down Throw's a better option.
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User Info: OverratedFishd

8 months ago#7

Favorite: Ground Pound. Timing this right does a ton of damage and has very high launch.
Least Favorite: Egg Throw. It's alright, but it's a pain to aim and doesn't have good range.


Favorite: Cross Slash. It's amazing in 1v1s and larger battles, and the Limit Break version only makes it better.
Least Favorite: Limit Charge. It's a good move if the heat is off of you, but in 1v1s your chances to use it effectively are rather limited, usually only working when you've grounded the other person. I personally prefer to charge Limit Break with attacks, even though it does take a while.

I will note that Cloud's Limit Charge *does* have it's uses, especially the Limit Break version, which is excellent for KOing at lower percentages.

User Info: deijihime

8 months ago#8
Favorite: Dancing Blade - can rack up easy damage, efficient combo finisher, first hit can open up its own combos, upward version can very easily start juggle + first strike can help for recovering.

Least favorite: Dash attack - not any useful, especially now that you can cancel dash into anything. Anyway, the move has too much start-up and end-lag, it's not that powerful, can't combo into anything, can't finish combos. It's so easy to avoid too, roll/spot dodge and Marth is wide open for attacks.
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User Info: Nes_Mettaur

8 months ago#9
Favorite: Megavitamins

I mean, sure they aren't as useful as Up-Smash or anything, but the physics of them are one of the two big reasons why I prefer Doc over Mario (the other being Doctor Tornado). At the very least they're gonna be the first difference most people notice between the two, and for me they were the one that drew me to Doc in the first place.

Least favorite: Down-Smash

It covers rolls I guess? But so does Up-Smash. I can't think of any scenarios where it's an optimal move to use outside of another move- Doctor Tornado covers ledge options better, Bair or Up-Smash are better for roll reads, uh... that's about it, I think. Maybe I'm missing something.
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User Info: Ikenna

8 months ago#10
Mii Swordfighter

Favorite: Chakram, Jab combo, down-tilt, up-tilt, up-air, Hero's Spin, Blade Counter, Reversal Slash, Shuriken of Light

Least Favorite (excluding specials this time): side-tilt, up-smash (UP-SMASH SUCKS)
I'm a Mii Swordfighter main. The Xenoblade Chronicles X avatar protagonist AKA Cross is my most wanted character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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