Smash Ultimate Reddit Leak?

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User Info: epicgordan

1 week ago#1
Okay, so this just happened:

Apparently, according to this picture, the remaining newcomers are going to be Ashley, Dixie Kong, Paper Mario, Geno, Heihachi, Amateratsu, Shadow the Hedgehog, Isabelle, and Dark Samus.

I do not claim to be a leaker, and I do not have any inside information. I'm just amusing myself. Why? The picture gave Tails two thumbs on one hand, and it looks really weird. Still, the picture itself wasn't leaked, but rather the characters circled.

User Info: maro_man

1 week ago#2
My Super Smash Bros. 5 roster:
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User Info: firedoom666

1 week ago#3
It is a leak that says Ashley is playable... yeah it is fake
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User Info: ThePuff27

1 week ago#4
maro_man posted...
Bring back green headband Jigglypuff

User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

1 week ago#5
Please be true please be true please be true
'Official' Geno of the SSBU board.
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User Info: JigglyPunk

1 week ago#6
You can't break this puff

User Info: Hello891011

1 week ago#7
Why should I believe it tho
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User Info: tcsavato

1 week ago#8
Those are all existing art. It's fake.

User Info: SmashBurb

1 week ago#9
We had this exact same storyline with the Lazzyman leak.

It's "My relative works for (company) and told me Smash info!". No different than "My dad works at Nintendo" fake leaks.

User Info: Teddybearsolid

1 week ago#10
Kooky_von_Koopa posted...
Please be true please be true please be true

Sorry, buddy. It's fake.
Official Bayonetta of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Board
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