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User Info: SmokeRulz

1 month ago#131
gwwak posted...
Based on time stamps, post #129 was modded and not self deleted.

Spammer accounts keep posting in this topic every once in a while.

User Info: DragonGirlYuki

1 month ago#132
What were they spamming? I saw a few and they seem to like targetting the stickies.

User Info: Trunks 2003

Trunks 2003
1 month ago#133
Here is something you can add.

List of missing Mii clothes.

Santa Hat

Fancy Suit

Neon Suit

Fancy Pirate Hat

Mage Robe

Samurai Armor

Plate Armor

Cat Ears


Straw Hat

Bear Hat

Beehive Wig

Chef Hat

Chicken Hat

Cow Skull Hat

Dog Ears

Football Helmet

Frog Hat

Lion Hat

Mii Force Helmet

Mini Top Hat

Panda Hat

Red Ribbon

Red Shell Hat

Samurai Helmet

Spartan Helmet

Swimming Cap

Wedding Veil


Wii U/3DS Lists

List of Mii Outfits

List of Mii Hats

Ultimate Lists
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User Info: PluviusPluvius

2 weeks ago#134
How many tracks are in the game? How many Mii outfits, of both kinds?

User Info: MPReviews

5 days ago#135
There’s info missing from this doc:

-Incineroar is the 69th newcomer

-Ken is an echo fighter of Ryu

-Shadow, Isaac, Skull Kid, etc are returning assist trophies

-Piranha Plant and Joker are confirmed DLC fighters
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(message deleted)

User Info: ShinyMasamuneZ

5 days ago#137
I stopped updating it months ago once actual internet coverage began to outpace me.
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