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User Info: TriforceX5

7 months ago#11
Plasmas posted...
Heart-ThROB posted...
Bad idea. The two look the same, but that’s it. There’s nothing remotely similar about their powers.

There has been a dramatic surge in terrible clone ideas ever since Echoes were announced.

To this ideas credit
They are poth psychic power wielding non humans
It's a better fit than what Ganondorf got

don't forget they also both have rather large tails, so even Mewtwo's tail attacks translate perfectly.
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User Info: SlappytheDog

7 months ago#12
I really like this idea, but...but...Ninten...

Unless they both manage to get in, which would be GLORIOUS!
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User Info: KingAshnard

7 months ago#13
Much better than all the stupid Porky ideas. Fighting in a mech doesn't translate well to Smash at all, and everything from his blocking to his KO animations would look utterly ridiculous.
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