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User Info: TriforceX5

8 months ago#1
The Character corresponding to your number below demands you to give their tail a massage. How do you react? How do you think the character who's tail your massaging would react (remember they are asking you to do it)

1. Fox
2. Wolf
3. Diddy Kong
4. Lucario
5. Pikachu
6. Charizard
7. Mewtwo
8. Ridley
9. Bowser
10. Yoshi
TailLover here! I think tails are amazing and would love to have one, I bet it would feel amazing.
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User Info: MrAntike184

8 months ago#2
Ridley. I’ll do it, but I don’t want any direct eye contact. Also, no “too big” jokes.
Official King K. Rool of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate board

User Info: UnovaBestGen

8 months ago#3
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sure why not

User Info: Yurari

8 months ago#4

Umm... well Idk how a tail feels so... I might be kinda rough on accident? Or maybe not rough enough, he has thick scales and I might not be able to make him feel much. He probably will think I did a bad job and fire me. And by fire me, I mean I'm going to have burn scars.
Glow little glow worm, glow!
Official Pichu of the Smash Ultimate board!

User Info: diddyknux

8 months ago#5
I am not going anywhere near Ridley's tail. I remember what he did to Mega Man.

User Info: Rex964

8 months ago#6
Charizard. He would burn me alive. So no thank you.
DAISY IN SMASH!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: maro_man

8 months ago#7
Stop this gimmick.

Leave this board.

Delete your account.
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Official Ridley of the Smash Ultimate board.

User Info: GuyKopski

8 months ago#8
I pretend to massage bowsers tail at first but then I shout SO LONG GAY BOWSER and throw him into a bomb

User Info: TourianTourist

8 months ago#9
Ridley... Anyone got a Plasma Beam? Anyone?
It's a secret to everybody!

User Info: Zinith

8 months ago#10
I got Yoshi. It's destiny...

Umm, I'd probably like it more than I think. He is my favorite character of all time
I come up in unexpected places...
I claim Yoshi and Boshi
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