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  3. What was your honest reaction to Daisy?

User Info: jigglyweigel

9 months ago#1
I was expecting more of a s**t storm here, but no one is talking about it.

So what's the general consensus?

User Info: DeepsPraw

9 months ago#2
YES! The Daisy Army is finally vindicated!
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User Info: earthmaster3

9 months ago#3
"yeah, whatever, get to the real newcomers, you're running out of time"
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User Info: MkayRose1

9 months ago#4
I didn't think much of it, too excited about the veterans returning honestly.
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User Info: MechaKirby

9 months ago#5
Immediately thought of michaelol
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User Info: maro_man

9 months ago#6
Holy s***, memoryman actually got he wanted.
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User Info: yosheta

9 months ago#7
Sort of bewildered, but I just shook my head and chuckled knowing a certain someone would be very happy at that moment.

User Info: StarStallion52

9 months ago#8
i can hear pens hitting tablets everywhere and im not sure i like it

User Info: WinstonSmith

9 months ago#9
Memman just s*** himself (especially when the accompanying amiibo was announced)
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User Info: M_Live

9 months ago#10
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