So this eight starting characters thing...

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User Info: Lizuka8002

3 months ago#51
LandscapeManX posted...
Lizuka8002 posted...
I mean, conceptually I get it, but I really can't at all claim to like the idea. I'm not really someone who gets joy out of the gradual grind to unlock things - I'd really rather have everyone from the get-go and get right to doing whatever I want.

Doesn't a game get boring fast if everything is unlocked from the get go?

Depends on the game. In something like this, not for me, because I'm vastly more interested in screwing around with the roster on my own time than the single player modes or grinding versus matches to unlock everyone or whatever.

User Info: EJW

3 months ago#52
Unlocking characters is a big part of my enjoyment of Smash.
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User Info: JJH777

3 months ago#53
I love this decision. I loved unlocking all the characters in Melee where they all had their own specific unlock method. Brawl and Smash 4 you got all the characters so quick and I think that's a big part of why I prefer Melee's single player to those games.
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