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  3. When should NINTENDO add a black CHARACTER to the roster?

User Info: LittleShani

7 months ago#1
Is it time for Nintendo to add a character of color to the Smash roster?

The main argument against this is Nintendo should only add characters that are worthy of being in Smash regardless of their skin color, otherwise it would be gimmicky and a stunt. Do you feel like there's any Nintendo character of color that is worthy of being put in Smash Bros now?

And if a character like that, or any other minority, was confirmed, which you be happy with it or feel as if it was pandering to certain people?
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User Info: RotomGuy3

7 months ago#2
I feel like Ganondorf of the Gerudo people would be a good fit.
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User Info: LordCarlReturns

7 months ago#3
Twintelle is legitimately the best choice for an ARMS rep, and I think a Doc Louis as a Luigified Little Mac would be neat.
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User Info: DeZAniceguy

7 months ago#4
Shaneijua... is that u?

User Info: Mariomania1347

7 months ago#5
Bowser is black

User Info: yoshirulezz1

7 months ago#6

User Info: ErsatzVuIpini

7 months ago#7
Anyone suggest dark link yet? @LittleShani
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User Info: 17chris

7 months ago#8
Yes, they should add Black Shadow and Dark Samus already.

User Info: yoshirulezz1

7 months ago#9
And as long as they aren’t ghetto yeah

User Info: quintonshark163

7 months ago#10
Little Mac is black, so is Ganondorf
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  3. When should NINTENDO add a black CHARACTER to the roster?
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