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  3. The BIGGEST character addition IS finally happening.....

User Info: Vergeben

3 years ago#1
Ridley is actually going to be playable on Smash Bros. for Switch.
No, I'm not kidding.

Also it is indeed a new game (Smash 5 or "Sma5h" if you want to dub it that until they slap an identifier on it). But it will be reusing assets.
I'm not sure to what all extents. But that has to mean a good deal of the roster is probably returning.
The biggest question mark are the cuts. I have no idea about any of that yet.

All I know for sure and from one of my most credible and proven sources (the one who told me about Metroid Prime 4 being developed by Bandai Namco before anyone else said or knew anything about that) is that Ridley is a newcomer, the game is infact a sequel, but there will be assets being reused to some extent(s).

In case you're wondering about the credibility of that source and don't believe that I was the first to break the news of MP4 being worked on by Bandai Namco far before anyone else ever said or knew about that, here's the topic of my posting that here on GameFAQs back in November:

I'll end this by saying that I have no update or confirmation on this thing that was passed on to me:
They only knew those details about Ridley being playable and that it is a sequel (to finally end that debate) but is reusing assets to some degree from Sm4sh.

User Info: Mr_Yooj

3 years ago#2
Well I'm 100% yep no way I this can't be true uh-huh for sure this is def correct yep.
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User Info: Hadesguy02

3 years ago#3
Aren’t you unreliable? IIRC you were wrong about a lot of DBZ things.
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User Info: Ljynk84

3 years ago#4
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User Info: AustinX4e

3 years ago#5
I don’t believe you at all.

That said, Jonneh on ResetEra who has way more credibility, has been dropping Ridley hints.

So who knows. Just wish it was E3 already so a lot of this nonsense could end.

User Info: marchefelix

3 years ago#6
So, like, how do you justify not guessing Geralt in your initial SCVI “leak”?
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User Info: Doug314

3 years ago#7
If you think about the motivations behind why someone would attempt to leak all of this, then the objective is clear and they're all consistent with one thing. So it's clearly fake.

User Info: Frank543

3 years ago#8
>account created in august 2017
>only posts in """leak""" topics
>expecting people to take him seriously

good bait tho
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User Info: Eyemeralds

3 years ago#9
If Inkling vs Ridley happens at E3
Then Impa, Waluigi, Bandanna Waddle Dee, & Captain Toad are playable with Dark Matter as a main story boss is my prediction.
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User Info: Totes-My-Boats

3 years ago#10
Here we go again
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  3. The BIGGEST character addition IS finally happening.....
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