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User Info: lalalei2001

8 months ago#1
I got a D Rank fighting Purrsilla and want to raise it, but the majority of my sprites are salmon and tuna flavored, so I do a lot less damage. What sprites are good to use against her?

User Info: MKWiiCTs

8 months ago#2
Focus on making big stacks, and try to time a Jubilee when Purrsilia doesn't have Luxury Flash ready. Whale on her with offensive skills for heavy damage.

User Info: metroid02

6 months ago#3
This may seem like a no brainer, but for the most part to get rainbow s ranks you need to use the blackbelt.

The handicap she has can be overcome quite well by using tigazos ability (electrozap) and large stacks. That works on about 95% of levels.
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